With God All Things Are Possible – Pastor Rabi Update February 2024

“And he said, The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.”

Luke 18:27

For many years, I have wanted to go to the place where the world’s tallest mountain is. I could not go, because my mom had fallen from a ladder and she became ill. I have taken care of her since her fall. After praying about this place for 7 years, God brought a student from this place to our Calvary Bible Institute. He is short in height but strong physically. His name is Pasang. He has no parents and no one to take care of him. We convinced him that we will take care of him like our own brother or sister and he will be like family to us. Now he is almost finished with the Bible Institute. He will graduate soon.

It is exciting to share about the mission trip that we took to the area that Pasang is from and share the story of how God is moving in our midst. Pasang lost his father and mother in early childhood. There is a blind man named Dawa who lives in Pasang’s village. He is a pastor who had been to Bible College. He took Pasang in and fed him like a mother feeds her small baby. He sent Pasang to our Bible College to study God’s Word. Pasang has now reached his last semester. When I visited his village for a couple of weeks, I saw that Pasang has a servant’s heart. He took care of the blind pastor, Dawa, and helped him in ministry. When I watched them, they reminded me of Paul and Timothy. Pasang is teaching and playing the guitar, as well. 

They have started a church for the main tribe that lives there. People from another tribe also come to the church. The church has 70 people who come. On Saturdays, 40 people attend the service. This is a very hilly place, so they have a lot of work to do. There are still 300 houses and many more families that are still unreached in this area.

There are 5 people in their church that are blind. When we heard the story of how this church was established, it did not sound easy to open a church in this area. People from the village created many obstacles of persecution to try to prevent the building of the church. God was with the Christians, though, and they were able to finally establish the church after many problems. Pastor Dawa shared how the villagers threatened him. Many times the police came and took Pastor Dawa to interrogate him. When we visited the believers’ houses, we heard how the people in their villages persecuted them and threatened them because they were living for Christ. Pray for those who have persecuted them to be saved. To God be the glory.

Thank you for sending us, supporting us and praying for us. We were encouraged by Pasang’s ministry. He had no father or mother, was raised up by his pastor and then was sent to our Bible college to learn to walk in faith and learn the Word. We believe that God has a greater plan for this area.

We are doing children’s ministry at our Calvary Chapel. Many more children are interested in coming to our church, but their parents do not allow them to enter our church. Pray that God will work in the hearts of the parents and that they will send their children to our church.

Our church has already finished the book of 1st Timothy. We are starting the book of Matthew now. In our Saturday service we are studying 2nd Timothy. After the service ends, we have a youth fellowship. Also, on Wednesdays, we have Bible study on the Book of Ezekiel.

My beautiful wife is teaching the book of Revelation on an online social media platform. Many sisters in the Lord are connected through this social platform in our country and other countries. She has now reached chapter 10 in Revelation with this group of ladies.

Pray Requests:

  1. Pray that God will cause all the children in our locality to be able to come into our church building.
  2. Many in our church are still students and are not of working age. Pray that God will provide for all of our church’s needs.
  3. A lot of noise comes in from outside when we are worshiping, so it is not easy to hear the songs sung by the choir. Pray that God will provide for our choir team to be able to lead worship well.

Thank you so much for supporting us, praying for us, and raising us up. God bless every entire family of the Saving Grace family.

Grace and peace,

Your faithful servants,

Rabi and Mahima