With All Your Mind – Record Update March 2024

“Jesus said to him, “You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.”

Matthew 22:37

The phrase “with all your mind” has been very important in guiding and inspiring my ministries in the areas of apologetics, evangelism, Bible teaching etc, for many years. Despite reading and thinking about this phrase many times over the decades my view is beginning to expand beyond “intellect” to the “whole mind.” I will explain how this new mindset is leading to an expansion in ministry.


Sonshine Kids International School/Faith Family Church Cambodia: Since last month, I have been involved in teacher training at Sonshine Kids International School, which is connected to Faith Family Church Cambodia, where I also have been teaching Apologetics/Evangelism in partnership with Ps. Dara to equip his church members. Please pray for wisdom and guidance.

Precious Women Organization/True Education International School: Kayo and I have been working with, supporting, encouraging, and partnering with Precious Women Organization (PWO) since before it began around 14 years ago. Kayo serves on the advisory board, helps with administration, and does some teaching. I have mainly been helping them produce videos and leading staff devotions from time to time. PWO is in the process of starting True Education International School in a rural neighborhood outside of the city. They have started classes for primary students and Kayo and I will be helping them with their English classes. Please pray for us to be salt and light before the students, their families, and the community.

International Fishers: Christian Evidence Ministry: Even though I haven’t been able to produce any new videos for a while and allowed the subscription for the website to expire, IF continues making an impact on Facebook/YouTube as an evangelistic tool that Cambodians can use to reach other Cambodians. Please pray for wisdom and guidance about the future direction of IF.

I was encouraged by this Facebook post by a Cambodian using one of my IF YouTube videos to reach out to his FB friends.

Expansion into Mental Health/Whole Mind

It seems that God often leads me to minister out of my own trials and pain. My apologetics ministry sprung out of finding answers to my doubts about the truth of Christianity/God/Jesus/the Bible. Now God is opening new doors and giving me a new passion to reach out to those who struggle with mental health issues and their families from my own struggles/victories in this area since 2003. I am pursuing this new aspect of ministry in partnership with Light Association (the parent organization of Light Times Magazine) and the local international church.

Posted by the Cambodia Association of Counsellors and Psychologists

So far I have been encouraging a Cambodian Christian man who is struggling with depression and paranoia and helping his family connect to mental health services/referrals through Light Association. I have also been studying and helping other missionaries and Cambodian Christians to better understand mental illness/brain disorders so that they (we) can better minister to those who are struggling and their families. The biggest challenges so far have been overcoming fear, shame, and misunderstandings about the causes of/treatments for mental illness/brain disorders. Please pray for wisdom and favor in this new area of ministry.

Financial Concern

We are blessed and encouraged by the generous and sacrificial giving of our faithful senders in the USA and Japan! We have encountered some unavoidable (some unexpected) large expenses (Benjamin’s tuition, major car repairs, moving expenses, visas/work permit, insurance, etc.) that have significantly impacted our accounts. The economic situations in the USA and Japan are also concerning. Please pray that God will bless and prosper our senders and also help us to connect to additional senders in both countries. We are planning to visit senders/churches/and family in Japan this summer so please also pray for blessings on this time.

In Christ’s Hands,

Darryl, Kayo, and Benjamin