Where Do Friends Come From?

With High Schoolers in Mexico during our December trip.

Do you ever stop and think about all the people you know? The people God has sovereignty brought into your life? I was recently studying the final chapter of 2 Timothy where Paul lists many companions in the gospel (15 to be exact!) and it made me think about all the people God has and is currently bringing into my life. There are so many wonderful friendships God has started while serving him. These are friends I would never know if we were not serving the Lord together. I wanted to take this update to share about some specific friends the Lord has brought into my life the past few months at Calvary Chapel WestGrove as I have been serving there.

High School Ministry

I’ve had the blessing of being involved with multiple different ministries at church, one of which is our High School ministry (AKA “Established Youth”). Two of the many high schoolers I’ve met are John and Hannah. John and Hannah are cousins and I have had the opportunity to serve and travel with them on multiple occasions.

John and I in Mexico (I’ll get him to smile next time).

John is preparing to graduate and giving his all during his final year in high school. One of my favorite moments with John was being able to serve with him during our Mexico missions trip back in December. John preached the gospel on outreaches and was even able to lead a short Bible study for a youth service we did with a local church. Please pray for John as he thinks through what to do after graduation.

John giving a Bible study in Mexico

As John prepares to graduate his cousin is about to finish her first year of high school. Hannah joined us on our disaster relief trip to Louisiana as well as our trip to Mexico and on each of those trips I was able to witness the amazing gifts the Lord as given her. During our disaster relief trip she spent time talking with and encouraging the ladies who owned the homes we were working on. One lady was so encouraged by her that she gave Hannah a cross necklace that she literally clinched unto through a hurricane. The Lord has gifted Hannah with exhortation and a spirit that is willing to say “yes” even when it is difficult. Please pray for Hannah to continue to grow in strength and wisdom in the Lord.

John, Hannah (far right), and other high schoolers in Mexico.


When I first returned from the school of missions after summer there was a friend who welcomed me back with a bright smile on his face, excited to hear about what God had done in Mexico. At first I was a little confused because I could have sworn this was a guy I knew before I left, but he seemed much different than the last time I saw him.

Andrew and I at a Christmas dinner at church.

Andrew has basically gone to Calvary WestGrove his whole life, but he was never super active in the Church. As Andrew was stuck at home during the pandemic he started to reflect more about what is important in life and God stirred up his heart to be more involved once he was able to come back. He started coming again to church sometime while I was at school of missions and by the time I got back he was on fire for the Lord, eager to evangelize and serve wherever he could.

Evangelism night at the HB pier with Andrew, Hannah, and a few others!

I have been discipling Andrew one on one every week for the past couple months. It has been an awesome time of growing together in the word and our faith. I am greatly encouraged by Andrew’s joy in the service to the Lord and I am so excited to see what the Lord will do with him.

Jr. High

Jr. High “Secured” Winter Retreat 2022

I have been blessed to also be serving as a leader in our Jr High Ministry (AKA “Planted”). We recently went on our winter retreat where I was privileged to be the opening speaker. The theme was “Secured” and it was based off of Psalm 40 verse 2. I was able to share that before Christ, we are all stuck in a pit of destruction that leads to everlasting death in hell, but that God saved us from destruction by sending Jesus.

One of my favorite moments of the trip happened during small groups. One kid wasn’t following along in the Bible and I perceived it was because he didn’t know how to find the book we were in. I encouraged him by showing him how to use the table of contents and he started to follow along and join in the discussion. The next time our small group met someone else in the group was having trouble finding the book and that same kid guided him to the table of contents! Something like finding the right book has become second nature to us, but someone showed us originally how right? It was a sweet moment of seeing the influence we can have on those around us.

Missions Conference

Pastor Trent Douglass and students sharing about CSOM at the missions conference

Giant praise report…our missions conference was a great success! We had multiple people from our church and others for a wonderful time of worship, the word, food, and fellowship. At the conference I was once again hit with the fact that there are over 3.2 billion people who have no access to the gospel. There is no one around them sharing eternal life through Christ. I have been reminded to never forget the Unreached no matter where I am serving, please join me in praying for the billions who wait to hear of Jesus.

The fellowship was strong at the conference!

Up Next: Vegas

My next trip is fast approaching. On March 27th-31st WestGrove will be sending a team to Vegas! We will be partnering with some Calvary’s our there and spending a lot of time sharing the gospel. I have the privilege of planning the majority of this trip, so I would greatly appreciate your prayers in the planning process.

I was able to here share just a few of the wonderful friendships God has brought recently into my life. I am reminded of the Psalms 133:1, “Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity!” I am so thankful to know each and every one of you and have your love and support in the Lord. Please take a moment and thank God for the people he has brought in your life.

For His Eternal Kingdom,

Adam Fulmizi

Praise Reports/ Prayer Requests

  • Praise Reports
    • A successful and powerful time at the missions conference
    • God bringing people in my life to pour into and fellowship with
    • The Lord continually opening doors to travel and spread his gospel
  • Prayer Requests
    • John, Hannah, and all of our youth to stay strong and grow in the Lord
    • Discipleship with Andrew
    • Safe travels, team unity, and open hearts for the trip to Vegas
    • For the Lord to send out laborers to plant churches in all the world
    • Vision and wisdom in life and ministry decisions
Group Picture from the High School Winter retreat “Loyal Heart”