What Happens in Vegas…IS WRITTEN HERE.

Adam Fulmizi April 2022 Update

Where we evangelized night one.

“What happens in Vegas…Stays in Vegas”? Not this time!!! I’m taking this update to tell you all about our mission trip to sin city! I pray the stories of what God did through the team inspires you to keep being a light to this dark world!

Evangelizing on the LV Strip

Picture with the Boyz after evangelizing the first night!

The Sunday to Thursday trip in March included going to the Las Vegas strip multiple times to share the gospel. Some nights we would just go, other times we partnered with a local Calvary, and on our last night we did a worship night! The Vegas team included a wide variety of people and ages; we had young adults, old(er) adults, kids, parents, high schoolers, and two babies! This lead to such a wonderful experience as we got to see all members of the church active in preaching the gospel together in unity!

Members of the team praying with a guy in front of the Bellagio Hotel.

A memorable story is when I got to share with a man named Alex (different from the guy pictured above) who was standing around in front of the Bellagio with his dog. I learned that Alex is from Turkey and has lived in many different places. I shared how christianity is different from Islam (which is the main religion in Turkey). He himself is not Islamic (he was very secular minded) but he was delighted in the things I was telling him about Jesus. He was interested in staying in touch and at one point he even asked me for my phone number! He has shown interest in going to a local church; please pray that he would!

Partnering with CC Las Vegas

Leading worship during a community outreach with CCLV.

The Lord gave us an awesome connection with Calvary Chapel Las Vegas and their evangelism Pastor, Brandon. We were blessed to do a community outreach one night and then gospel sharing together the next morning. The funny thing is, we hadn’t been in touch with Brandon at all until the morning we did our outreach together! It is awesome how the Lord brings his people together to advance His gospel.

Campus Outreach

Campus Outreach at University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

While in Vegas we also went to a local college campus, UNLV. The first time we just did evangelism, then we went back to do a full on outreach: free food, prayer, worship, gospel sharing, all of the above! This outreach went better than I could have ever planned and we were able to share with hundreds of students who were walking by. We fed them physically with hot dogs and tacos as well as spiritually with the gospel!

Sharing with students during UNLV outreach.
UNLV Outreach, Gospel Conversations in action!


Often times you will see people come back from a short term mission trip with one interaction that they look at and say, “that person was the reason I went on this trip.” Although I had many amazing interactions, I can say with confidence my discussion with Angelo was a main reason I was in Vegas that week. It was on the UNLV campus and he “happened” to be there waiting to speak as a guest for a history class. Angelo is a war veteran who has seen a lot of brutal stuff. I was able to talk with Him about the justice and vengeance of God as well as share the gospel.

When I got to the grace of God through Christ he was listening intently and said, “Man, that’s beautiful.” While we were talking he said, “Would you do me a favor?” “What is it?” I asked. “My name is Angelo. When you are in your place of meditation and prayer, will you remember to pray for me?” I promised him I would do that and also tell others to pray for him. Would you please take a second right now to pray that Angelo would follow Christ?

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Equipping to Be a light

I was blessed to not only be on this trip, but a large part of planning and leading it. I learned so much. Victories were had, mistakes were made, lessons were learned. I am better learning how to use the gifts God has given me to help “equip the saints for the work of ministry.” What is more effective…me sharing with hundreds of people in Vegas? Or me helping and encouraging 25 other believers to share with thousands of people in Vegas? Whatever gifts you are exercising within the church, I can promise you this, God wants to equip YOU to be a light in a world filled with sin. Let’s keep shining together.

For His Eternal Kingdom,

Adam Fulmizi

Praise Reports/ Prayer Requests

  • Praise Reports
    • Awesome team dynamic and fruit from Vegas!
    • The Lord continually opening doors to travel and spread his gospel
  • Prayer Requests
    • Angelo, Alex, and all others who heard the gospel in Vegas
    • For the Lord to send out laborers to plant churches in all the world
    • Vision and wisdom in life and ministry decisions

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