Wait…Go – Campos Update January 2024

O God, You are my God; Early will I seek You; My soul thirsts for You; My flesh longs for You In a dry and thirsty land Where there is no water.

Psalms‬ ‭63‬:‭1‬

During the week of prayer and fasting that takes place at my church, God gave me this longing for Him like never before. In the Psalms, we know David had a relationship with God yet he wanted more of him, he longed for more of Him. God began to show me He is doing something new in my heart and all I have been wanting to do is remain still in His presence and never leave. My prayer for you is that you would long for more of Him. That you would not remain complacent in your walk with God but that you would go running after Him, that you would chase after your first love like never before.

Last Month

In my previous newsletter I told you all that I would be visiting my family over the holidays and unfortunately the Lord led me not to go. I ended up in the hospital one night after not feeling well and the Lord clearly showed me that because of my health and not knowing what was going on, it was not wise to leave. This was heartbreaking for me because since coming back from Israel all I have been wanting is to see my family and it has been the same for them; especially after what I had experienced. But, man, God uses all things to prepare me more for missions. Knowing that there will come a time where I will not be able to see my family and them not see me. Please continue to pray for my family.

Grateful for the Body of Christ

For Christmas I spent it with the Brzezinski’s. I am grateful for the friendship I have with Amy who is in the left photo and her mom who is in the right photo. Amy has truly been an amazing friend and I have been blessed by her and her family in so many ways. I was able to have brunch and dinner with her family and had such a good time.

For New Years, I spent it with Denise, aka Gramma (she is the one who houses the girls who are in the missions training school) and church friends.

Both of these groups of people brought such genuine joy to my life when I couldn’t be with my family and I will never forget that. God is so gracious to have provided a family amongst the body of Christ.

My Health

I have been doing so much better in regards to my health and my anxiety. Thank you all so much for you prayers. I have been able to recognize the causes of my anxiety and know how to navigate through certain situations that could trigger my PTSD. I began to see a psychiatrist. I can truly say that it is the Word of God that continues to bring healing to my soul and having such an intimate relationship with the living God.

It’s almost time, LETS GO

The Indonesia trip is approaching and I absolutely cannot believe I am going. Everything was up in the air because of my health and lack of finances but the Lord provided by giving me better health and money to buy my plane ticket. It was just last week that I found out I was going. Praise God! For weeks I thought I was not going and I was discouraged. In the waiting, the Lord put Genesis 22 in my heart, Abraham offering his son at the altar. God was showing me I needed to offer my missions calling at the altar, I needed to put this trip at the altar. Waiting on God can be difficult but that is where our faith is being refined and growing us. God was faithful to reveal His will on His timing and He has given me permission to GO!

Please continue to pray that the Lord would provide for the rest of the cost of the trip. I am still in need of $1,000. If you feel led in any way to give towards this trip you can use the link below. Thank you all dearly for coming alongside me through prayer and partnership to fulfill God’s call on my life. As you know, my desire is to reach the unreached and eventually move overseas.

Praise Reports

  • Praise God for His continual pursuit after me and having me fall in love with Him
  • Praise God for the church body
  • Praise God for opening the door to go to Indonesia
  • Praise God for His continual healing

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for my family, that they would have an understanding on God’s call on my life and pray that my mom would have a fire to read God’s word
  • Pray for the team going to Indonesia, that God would work out all the details and for a smooth landing
  • Pray for a continual healing for my body and mind and that God would give me the strength and all the energy I need to serve Him