Vincent Family September 2023 Missions Update

Greetings from Mexico,

              August is always one of the months that I look forward to the most, because we get to host our annual church planting conference. At the start of August we hosted our 8th annual church planting conference with the title, The Sending Hub! The definition of a sending hub is “A church that plants churches, that plant other churches!” The goal of this conference was to inspire pastors and leaders to get involved in the great missions work of planting churches.

            This year’s conference was our largest yet, with over 650 guests in attendance. Among those, we had 50 Senior Pastors in attendance and over 80 different churches represented. This conference was unique in that we had 24 workshops available that covered every aspect of church planting.

            We also had 8 main plenary speakers that taught on the main aspects of church’s being sending hubs of missions and church planting. Many of my best friends and church planters taught, including Hugo Limon, Aaron Smith, Fernando Serrano, Wes Bentley, Bruce Zackary, and Cory Kilgus. As we have moved forward with this great calling that God has given us, I have seen the Holy Spirit begin to spark a fire of revival with other churches that are catching this same vision.

            A special highlight for me was that this conference marked the official release of my new book, The Sending Hub! It was exciting to see so many come over to my book table and not only purchase the book, but ask me to write them a personal message of encouragement inside the front cover. By the end of the weekend, we sold 400 copies of the book in English!

Speaking of the book, just last week, we finally got the book up on Amazon! On Amazon, the book can be purchased in both English or Spanish versions as a hardback, paperback, or digitally for a kindle or tablet! (To find the book on Amazon, simply search for “The Sending Hub”)

             During the church planting conference, (and also the following weekend at our main church services) our church was blessed to send out our 37th church plant! My good friend Alex Misac moved up to Rosarito from Colombia over a year ago to train up in our church planting program! Alex left his friends, family, and his country and he took a huge step of faith to serve the Lord and our church family, all the while completing our church planting class. Alex did above and beyond everything I asked of him, and he graduated with excellence.

            We were blessed to send Alex to a large (over a million people) city in the north of Colombia called Barranquilla. Alex already has a church planting team waiting for him there to start this great work. And like all of our church planters, Alex doesn’t feel called to just plant a church, but to plant a church that plants other churches!

#1-  That God would bless our new batch of church planting students. (We have 40 enrolled in our Fall 2023 semester classes)  

#2-  That my book the Sending Hub would be an effective tool in sharing the message of reaching the world through church planting.

Praise Reports!

#1- Praise God for a blessed 2023 church planting conference!   

#2- Praise God for our 37th church plant, Calvary Barranquilla Colombia with Pastor Alex.

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