Unto Thee Will I Pray

Hello Team,

I never imagined that I would be this sad while writing a newsletter. It has always been a great joy to write to you about all of the things God has been doing here. But, the month of May has been the most difficult season so far. Depending on the severity of the spread of the Corona virus, different states have been locking down their states different times. In my state, May was a month of lock-down. Still, we are in lock-down during this month of June. We are allowed to go out only from 6 to 10am. (It is different for government employees.) We have seen more than 400,000 cases in a single day. Thousands of children became orphans, and multitudes died in the past couple weeks. Day by day, we are hearing about new things- like the black, white, and yellow fungus. So, yes, we are in real trouble, real fear, and real loneliness.
As a nation, our country, sent a vaccine to several other countries. But the government has failed to get the vaccine to its own people. We are in lack of the vaccine. No one really knows when we could all be vaccinated. Since it is a huge country with a big population, it is a big mess with the virus everywhere. I have had Covid already (during the 1st wave) and now we are having the 2nd wave here. In other states of our country, the 3rd wave is also devastating the people and nation. Maybe some or most of you have been watching in the news what is happening with our country.
Apart from this sad update, I have some good news too! The first thing is that God has been so faithful! He kept us so safe all of these days. Even in the future days, He is the One who will keep us safe. The second thing is: When I started my YouTube channel, I thought of teaching only in my own language. Some friends of mine from different countries were saddened because they cannot understand my language. So, they wrote me personally and that led me to try to teach in English. In these English language videos, I want to talk about basic things that people are confused about from or in the Bible–both doctrinally and theologically. Currently, I am working on that video to come out.
So, yes, we need your prayers and I need your prayers. I hope it is going to be all over with this virus in the next couple months. Thank you for keeping spreading love.
Pastor 7
*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.