This Hindu Man Wrote Songs To God! – Fulmizi Update May 2023

Hiking with a small team to visit a pastor’s village in South Asia.

I used to write songs to the unknown god,” My new friend and brother in Christ named Bijay, told me as we were in the middle of a 7-hour drive to a distant city in South Asia. He was explaining to me how he came to follow Jesus after growing up in the religious system of Hinduism: as many others in this country do.

I was so blown away that he had used the very words the Athenians did in Acts 17! He had been worshipping millions of gods and not one of them satisfied his desire to worship the true God. Bijay eventually came to faith in Christ after learning about the one true God and is now studying as a Bible Institute student. “In America,” I told him, “most people have heard the gospel and understand at least a little about the God of the Bible, but choose to reject Him.” With a burst of shock in his eyes he told me, “Wow. I cannot believe that they know about the one true God… and choose not to worship Him.”

For as I passed along and observed the objects of your worship, I found also an altar with this inscription: ‘To the unknown god.’ What therefore you worship as unknown, this I proclaim to you.

ACTS 17:23

Bijay’s background represents over one billion people who practice organized demon worship through Hinduism. The picture below is from a temple where Hindus worship. They believe that they must cremate the bodies of their loved ones within 24 hours in order for them to get into the afterlife. Visiting this site with the team was heartbreaking and eye opening. For many people, this is their view of god and their hope, falsely placed in man’s works and demonic powers. We stood there as believers who knew the Gospel of Jesus Christ that provides eternal life to all who put their faith in Him. But what was a small team of 21 Americans going to do in a country of 30 million people?

Hindu Temple

This is why it is so important to support and partner with long term local missionaries and pastors! As someone once asked about short term missions, “What is going to be there when you leave?” When our team left, we left multiple pastors and students like Bijay encouraged to continue preaching the Gospel in such a dark place.

Bonding with the CBI students in South Asia.

During our two week trip, we were able to preach the Gospel in outreaches, but we were also able to encourage the long term local pastors to continue in the ministry. This included spending time with the students at the Bible Institute as well as encouraging and helping pastors at multiple different churches. An open door to encourage was the reason Bijay and I were driving so far away. We were going to visit Pastor Raju, who graduated from the Institute a few years ago and now runs a church in his home village. He recently built a literal bridge between two islands in his village, which gave him a great standing with his non-Christian neighbors. Talk about building a bridge for the Gospel!!

Pastor Raju’s Bridge

Even though many in his town are still worshipping false gods, they have a great respect for Raju. His church is growing and there are faithful believers there. It was a joy for myself and a few other guys from the team to stay with him for a few days, share the Word and testimonies with the church, and minister to the kids. The five hour hike we took to get to the village was all worth it when we saw the joy that God brought through our little team. One lady told us when we left that we were leaving her “with tears.” There is a great hunger at this church for the word of God.

Loving on kids in Raju’s Village!

Whether it was through prayer, financial giving, or both, I am so thankful for your partnership in the Gospel. Without you, I would not be able to go on trips such as this one. I believe that the Lord is starting to open doors and guide as to where he wants me to be full time. Please stay connected as He does. For now, I am helping to organize multiple short term missions trips. We will be going to Vegas in July, Mexico in August, and Peru in November. Contact me if you are interested in joining us on a trip!

For His Eternal Kingdom.

Adam Fulmizi

We will be having a prayer breakfast, June 3rd at 9 AM, At Calvary WestGrove if you would like to hear more from the team about this trip. I’d love to see you there!

P.S. I’m Going to Greece!

The Lord has opened the doors for me to join a scouting trip to the county of Greece! This will be a great opportunity for me to meet and connect with missionaries doing work in and around this country. This is very special and exciting to me as there is a country close to Greece that has been heavy on my heart to see reached with the gospel. Please pray for God’s guidance as I connect with the Church in Greece and continually seek my part in the Great Commission. The trip is coming up quick, June 5th-16th!

Praise Reports/Prayer Requests

  • Praise Reports
    • Safe travels and an effective time of ministry in South Asia.
    • Getting to be reunited with the brothers I met last time, and meeting new ones.
    • The many open doors to preach the Gospel and encourage long term churches all over world
  • Prayer Requests
    • For Bijay and the other Bible Institute students to stay strong in the Lord
    • For people groups being reached through the work in South Asia.
    • Pastors like Raju, to be encouraged and to know that Jesus is always with them
    • Safe travels, wisdom, and strength for the June scouting trip to Greece

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Nepal Team At Church Before We Left