Things are Changing

This month has been one of incredible changes in our church, in our country, and in our world. We’ve seen the back and forth squabbles of when to open our economy and how, we’ve seen frightening protests and riots, and we’ve seen the church doors open up to continue being the pillar and ground of truth in a world where truth is so often twisted and marred. 

Last week we had our first in-person, sit-down church service in our courtyard after spending weeks in our parking lot (I lost count of how long we were out there). It was INCREDIBLE! I wish you could have been there to hear the sweet sound of God’s people praise His name in the midst of the unrest we see around us. 

We were singing Tremble and the chorus says, “Jesus, Jesus, You make the darkness tremble. Jesus, Jesus, You silence fear,” and the bridge continues, “Your name is a light that the shadows can’t deny, Your name cannot be overcome. Your name is alive, forever lifted high, Your name cannot be overcome.”

How true are those words and how they filled my heart with hope as we sang them together. It was empowering and uplifting, a moment that gave us a tiny glimpse of our eternity in heaven. 

We paused our missionary prayer meetings as we transitioned back into the office but are picking back up on a once a month basis and I am so excited! We will have them on the first Thursday of every month until the end of the year and then we will reevaluate. 

From what I hear from my missionary friends, things are steadying out. We’ve received fewer emergency requests for help and through all of this we have been able to send over $4,000 of aid to numerous countries. It has been a joy simply to be a gear in the machine by which God ministers to people around the world.

I have taken on the new responsibility of processing check donations so I get to be part of the relationship with the senders and then I get to send the money to the missionaries so that they can minister to the people. I see the Lord use my little office job as a great bridge between the support of the sending Church and the needs of the mission field and it is an honor.

Like our missionaries, my position is entirely support based and I have been blessed to receive my salary up until now from a generous one-time donation. That donation is now gone and God is going to provide for my needs by some other means. I pray that that includes you. If you feel called to support the work that we are doing here at SGWM, specifically the work that I do in the office, I would be outrageously blessed by your financial support. 

You can click on the link below to make a one-time or recurring gift of any size. 

The Lord is the one who provides for all of my needs and I thank you in advance for your faithfulness to Him in donating if He has called you to be a vessel through which He provides for me. 

With love,


Praise Reports

  • We are back in church and God has raised up trainees who will help with the live-streaming of service so that I am not the only person capable.
  • The high school students are doing well for the most part and are excited to get back in church.

Prayer Requests

  • Please continue to pray for our country and our law enforcement.
  • Please lift up my wedding- it is increasingly difficult to plan with all of the back and forth of our government and with the current unrest. 
  • Please pray for our missionaries who serve in countries where this is the ordinary. Pray that God would fill them with greater strength and boldness to carry His name to all people.