Therefore My Heart Is Glad

Hello Team!

Meeting With My Friend

It’s been a very different season here just like everywhere else. The influence of the pandemic still exists. The news channels are continuously exhorting about the third wave in our state.

However, I was so happy to meet my friend, Pastor 6*. We talked about our next semester teaching schedule, last semester experiences with the students, and the blessing to hear each and every student’s testimony of what they learned and experienced during the semester. I was so excited and humbled to see videos of their practical ministry and how they are getting trained for their future ministry. Last semester, I taught from the book of 1st Corinthians. This semester I am going to teach 2nd Corinthians and Colossians. I was very happy hearing what the students learned through 1st Corinthians. They are now able to see the difference between what is happening in the churches around and what the Word of God says about how churches should be organized and what Christianity is and what religion is, and problems in the church and solutions from the Word of God. They have learned how important it is to stick to the Word of God and not fall for reputation, money or other luxuries in life. I pray that they would be faithful in what they have learned, and come to learn in future semesters, and plant more churches.

I have been visiting different churches and have been inquiring about young adults who are interested in joining the Bible College.
Through YouTube, I am able to reach a couple hundred people. So, I want to start to teach live through Facebook and YouTube in the up coming days. Please pray about this. There are people who are watching and responding, and I believe that there are more about to.
I am always thankful to each one of you for sharing my thoughts and helping me to implement the ideas that God has gifted me with. Please pray for the students who have received their diploma and are about to finish their college in this coming semester. 
Pastor 7
*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.