The Tippie’s 2020 Newsletter

The last three months have been full of amazing stories of how God is working in and through our lives and ministry. First of all, many of you have been praying for Flavia, an 11-year-old girl in our church who was in a serious car accident just after Christmas, she was in a coma for 14 days, she had three fractures on her skull, and God saved her life! She is now out of the coma, she is back in Huacho, and she has full function of her arms and legs. She is still going through some therapy to help her regain her full eyesight, but she is a miracle. Praise be to God.  

From November to the beginning of February, it was non-stop action. The Church of Viera sent down some ladies to help us with our Thanksgiving outreach as we fed 160 people. We enjoyed giving thanks to God with the people in our church neighborhood. These ladies had been to Huacho several times, and they focused on the children in our church and in the local orphanage! We had an amazing time with our English Second Language ministry and relationship building during their time in Peru. Over the Christmas holiday, we had two more children’s outreaches since it was the Peruvian summer. We had one at the church with hot chocolate, fruitcake, prizes and lots of fun. Then we started a new ministry two blocks behind the church in a very poor neighborhood doing the same kind of outreach! This has now turned into an every Sunday afternoon Bible study as we have seen such a need to share Christ and His love with them.

We were privileged to host a team of students from Carmel Christian School at the end of January, and they were instrumental in reaching youth in our area by hosting several sports events, and activities at the beach. Our youth were encouraged by having other teens come and share their testimonies and see how youth live in Peru.  

We not only started a new Bible study in the streets behind the church, but we are launching a brand-new ministry as we are officially opening up the School of Ministry (SOM) and are offering dorm rooms for students. This will be mainly open for the youth in Peru to get better equipped for the ministry and provide for their basic needs like food and shelter. We have 4 students signed up and will be starting classes at the end of March. There will be an exciting aspect of this ministry as it will be open enrollment for students from the USA who want to come and learn cross-culture ministry and serve with us in Huacho.             

We want to thank everyone for praying for Daisy’s citizenship, she has passed her test and has been approved for her Naturalization ceremony, she has not received an appointment yet! We are praying that it will be ASAP so we can all return to Peru and serve together just as God meant it to be! Ryan is still studying and serving with us and we are excited to see what God is going to do in 2020. Once again, we are so grateful for all of our partners and for all the prayer warriors we have interceding for us.  May the Lord bless you all. 

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