The Past Year and New Vision

“Entreat me not to leave you, or to turn back from following after you; for wherever you go, I will go; and wherever you lodge, I will lodge; your people shall be my people…”

Ruth 1:16-17a

First off, I wish to thank everyone who has partnered with me in prayer by recieving my newsletters. I am incredibly thankful for how the Lord has used each one of you these previous years and this year was no exception.

These past couple of months have been times of reconnecting with family and friends and continuing the work God has provided through the SGWM internship. After the CCA Pastors and Leadership Conference, I went home to Oregon for about a month (Nov. – Dec) to support my family there. This proved to be such an incredible blessing. If prayers of encouragement and healing could be lifted up for my family that would bring much comfort.

One of the erands I got to run for the church with 8 cases of water in my lil’ hatchback

I thank God for the humbling opportunity to be apart of and intern with Calvary Chapel Saving Grace. The church body has been unbelievable in their support and love throughout this last half of the year. And I couldn’t thank each person and leadership personnel enough!

With my heart growing towards Central Asia, lots of research and preparation has been under way in my own life. One of the classes we attended this Fall was Security/Situational Awareness Training. This was a sobering but extremely valuable course. Most of the countries in Central Asia and the Unreached are volatile and can be dangerous places to work in; So, I appreciate experience in classes such as this and will be continuing training in the future.

At the CCA Conference with our very own CSOM booth
Loved catching up with friends near and far this season!
Picture with my mother, it was a blessing to be with family in Oregon for a short period of time

A couple of Interns and I had the chance to be a part of a Christmas Muslim Outreach this last year. A highlight from the event, my friend and I talked with a Filipina dancer getting ready to perform an Egyptian style dance. My friend is Egyptian so she was excited to hear the dance she was doing. We talked both Filipino and Egyptian culture and then segued into a gospel conversation. We then invited her to the Muslim event we were helping out at. She was polite and took our invite, but we weren’t able to see her at the event. Prayer for her and for the Lord would continue to offer her divine moments to hear and accept His gospel.

The Event was a huge success and I was glad to interact so closely with our Middle Eastern Brothers and Sisters
The Lady and my friend and I

Central Asia

Tribal Children in the Pamir Mountians

As many of you may know, my heart has been stirred for the people of Central Asia. I wish to use this platform to educate and raise awareness for these beautiful people and their spiritual state. This NEXT YEAR I will be implementing in each monthly newsletter, individual updates for each country within Central Asia to better equip us to prayer. I am excited to see what the Lord will do for these people through our prayers and love!

Prayer Points

  • Praise – My family’s health is doing better, but continued prayer is needed
  • Praise – He provides! Each financial hurdle this year has been abundantly provided
  • Praise – Each one of YOU. Your support and prayer is amazing and this last year was such a testament! May God give more and more blessings and faith to each one as we labor in the Gospel together.
  • Petition – A Vision Trip to the Middle East is coming up in Spring; financial and logistical provision is needed. I am about 50% of the way to my goal! – This would be a time of seeking the Lord and His vision for my involvement in the Middle East. Perhaps it is a stop along the way? A training ground for the Muslim-Majority of Central Asia?
  • Petition – For Central Asia: A team and wisdom is needed to proceed with making moves to reaching the Unreached. Please be praying for support and partners in the Gospel.

I love and appreciate each one of you! Your my family in Christ and I couldn’t ask for better partners. How great is our LORD!

Many blessings and love from Him who is worthy of All Praise