The Lord Sustained Me

Hello Team,

In the month of March, I rejoined into the ministry. After experiencing a terrible season in my life, God gave me an opportunity to join with the Bible College here to teach and to be part of the current semester.

I am teaching 1st Corinthians to the new students. It is always an awesome thing to see how the students react to the contextual verse by verse teachings. It is a great joy to get to know the students, hear their testimonies each semester, and see how God works with different hearts!

I have also begun making videos on YouTube and Facebook; please pray that I will be able to upload the videos regularly.

I really want to thank each one of you for your consistent prayers for my mother’s health. She is doing a lot better, but she is still on oxygen so please continue to pray for me and for my mother’s health.

God bless,

Pastor 7*

*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.