The Lord Is Our Strength – Pastor 8 Update January 2024

Praise the Lord!

I thank our Lord God that He has kept me and my family safe. I am deeply thankful for the love and mercy of God our Father. 

My family is doing well by the grace of God. We pray together as a family and study the Bible together.

Please keep praying for our spiritual growth so that God’s will can be fulfilled in our lives. Pray for our ministry. We are praying that in the new year God will open new doors for us when He takes us to a new place. 

Please especially pray that those who have newly come to faith in Jesus remain steadfast in the church and in their faith. Many people come but then leave because of social pressure/persecution. 

Please especially pray for our state also. There is a lot of persecution here. A new political party recently came into power here which is against people sharing the Gospel and people converting to Christianity. 

Please pray for me to move forward in this new year with new vision and confidence in serving the Lord. 

Pray for all the believing families of our church to grow in the Lord day-by-day. 

I am very grateful to those who sent us the funds for the Christmas program (above). By your support the program was successful. We were able to give warm clothes as a gift from our church. We also provided the new people who came to our church Christmas program with a 2024 calendar and a copy of the New Testament. Pastor 16* from another city shared the Word of God. Please pray that the people who heard the Word of God at the program will have changed lives.

In the Lord,

Your Brother,

Pastor 8* and Family

*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.