The Lord Is Our Protector

We praise God for His love and His faithfulness. He has kept us safe till this day and used us for His glory. We thank you also for your continued prayers for us and for our ministry. Because of your prayers we are experiencing God’s protection over our life.

We don’t know if you are aware or not about what is happening in our country because the media does not publish it. Persecution on minorities is intensifying day by day in our country. Especially in our state, Christians are being persecuted. Believers of the Lord are beaten, churches are burnt. Pastors are killed. These extremist Hindu groups are even not allowing dead bodies of new believers to be buried. Last week, two such incidents happened in two different villages near our town. The dead bodies were decaying for two days in both cases. Because of the fear of radical Hindu groups, the Christians in our town did not allow these dead bodies to be buried in the Christian graveyard in our town. One dead body was taken to another town secretly and buried in a Christian graveyard before the radical groups came. The second dead body was left at the burial site of the village by the believers saying, ‘let the dogs and birds eat it.’ After this, the police dug a grave and buried the body. 

Last month, I was in a car accident. I was driving my small car on the right side of the road and a big car came at high speed from the opposite side and hit my car. I was alone in the car. My car was badly damaged, but the Lord protected me. My head was hurt, but not very bad. I was taken to the Christian hospital and the doctor told me that there is nothing to be worried about. The next day, I had to hire a crane to pick up the car and take it to the workshop.

Church ministry is going well. All of the believers and our co-workers are doing well in the Lord. We visit the believers in the evening because they are at home during that time. Family visitation gives us the opportunity to share the Gospel with the believers’ non-Christian relatives. Rainy season has started. It is raining almost every day. Sometimes we come home after visiting families, soaking in the rain. In the past, being soaked by the rain, especially in the evening, often made me sick. So far this year, the Lord has kept me healthy. My wife has not been very well. In January she was hospitalized, and she has still been taking different medications. Please pray that the Lord will give her good health. 

This month we started Bible College. We have six students. They are all from Hindu backgrounds. Two of them are mature believers. Please pray that these students would be prepared for the work of the Gospel and pray for God’s protection as Hindu radicals are targeting Christians in our state. 

Thank you for your partnership in the ministry through your prayers and financial support.

Co-workers in Christ,

Pastor 15* Family

*Names and Faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.