Thankful to the Lord – Pastor 10 Update July 2023


Jai Masih ki! (Praise the Lord!)

Thanks be to the Lord. He has kept you and all of us safe. Give thanks that the Lord has blessed us all. I am thankful that the Lord chose me for the ministry and to witness to people so that they can be saved.

Thank you for your continued prayers for us. Nowadays 8-9 people who did not come to church before, because of fear of their family members, are now coming to my church. They are now coming to church every Sunday. Thanks to the Lord. The Lord worked in their hearts.

This is a testimony of a believer of my church. He had heard the Gospel long ago, but he did not believe in the Lord completely. When I came to my village and preached the Gospel of God, and he attended every Sunday service.

When he shared his testimony with me, I started praying for him from that day onward.

That brother had started preparing for government job after graduating from high school. There were many problems in his house, about which he was very worried. He used to pray to God every day that he would be able to pass the civil service exam. But his efforts failed 4 or 5 times. Afterward, his family members started forbidding him to go to church. Then I explained to them, that God will fix everything, I told them, “If you have faith in the Lord, the Lord will very soon answer your prayer.”

Because he believed that the Lord would definitely answer his prayers one day, he read the Bible everyday. Before reading the Bible, he would pray to God everyday. After a long time, God answered his and our prayers. He was selected to have a job in the forest guard. He thanked God. Last Sunday, he testified in church about how God worked in his life. He has also thanked God through a video. Today he is very happy. He tells those in his home about how God has worked in his life. Pray that his family members may also believe in Jesus through him.

I am very happy that the Lord has answered all of our prayers. May this village be won for God in the time to come. Amen

There is a village named T*. Some time ago, we went to meet a person there whose name is J*. He knew about my church and used to tell me “You have left your deities. This is not a good thing.” Something similar happened that day too. There were 2-3 other people with him. He said the same thing again about us all becoming Christians.

Then I told him, “We have not done anything wrong, we just want to know the truth.”

Then he started asking “What is the truth?”

In this I again thanked God inside and shared the Gospel with him. The people who were with him started asking many questions, I answered them. In the end, he said, “This is all a lie, you are misleading people from our gods. You have to stop this work.”

I did not argue with him much. I prayed for him in my heart, that God may change his heart and that I will be able to talk to him again, so that he can know the truth.

You also please pray for them, that God will change the lives of these people who heard the Word, so that they can know the truth.

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for our church. Pray that the believers in my village grow in the Word so that their families may come to faith through their lives
  • Pray for our village. Pray that in the coming times this village may be won for God.
  • Pray that the people I have preached the Gospel to may believe in God. May God change their hearts.
  • Pray for the 4 people who warned me not to mislead people when I shared the Gospel with them. May God change their hearts so that they may know the truth.
  • Pray for my ministry and life. May God will reveal His plan to me and open new doors. May the Lord give me new people and a new plan for my life so that so that everyone may come to faith.
  • Pray for the church building which is currently in progress to be completed soon so that we can fellowship there. Material is not available in the crusher plant and it is expensive to bring material from other places.
  • Please pray for my health. My health has been bad for 3-4 months. I have had no improvement. I have infection in my stomach which did not get better even after I went to the doctor 4-5 times. Pray that God heals me.
  • Pray for my area. It is raining a lot right now. There is a lot of danger everywhere. May God protect everyone in this situation. 


Praise the Lord

Thank you

Pastor 10*

* Names and faces have been changed omitted for security reasons.