Taking the Good News to an Isolated Land – Pastor Raju Update May 2024

Last month, we were able to hike with a team to reach a new mountain area and it was one of the most blessed opportunities for us. The place is inhabited by tribal people that follow Buddhism. They are strict in their beliefs and culture. However, we were able to take the gospel of good news to that isolated and difficult land.

God is so wonderful that He provided a team from another Calvary Chapel to venture with us. We were altogether a team of 20 (8 from the states and 12 Nepalis) along with some porters hiking for many hours into the highs and lows of mountain.

We were warned in advance that the place is strictly prohibited for sharing the good news and people are hostile toward any new teachings. However, upon reaching there we found the opposite was true. The people were in fact very kind and welcoming. As we started to share, the people began to gather and heard the gospel enthusiastically. We thank God that He opened the heart of these people and the door for this opportunity. We are happy that the seed has been sown in this prohibited location, probably for the first time. 

We are trusting that God will do wonderful work in this area by bringing these mountain people in His Kingdom. 

Here are some prayer requests:

  • We are trusting God to change the hearts of people where gospel fell, and turn to Jesus.
  • For the local pastor in a nearby mountain area that helped lead us to this new place as he needs God’s guidance, wisdom and filling of the Spirit in coming days.
  • We are thankful for this mission, and may God bless the team in the days ahead.
  • Pray for us also for His guidance, strength and wisdom as my wife and I will be parents soon.

Thank you for your prayers,

Pastor Raju and Srijana