“Some Thirtyfold, Some Sixty, and Some a Hundred.” – Pastor Anand Update January 2024

But these are the ones sown on good ground, those who hear the word, accept it, and bear fruit: some thirtyfold, some sixty, and some a hundred.”

   -(Mark 4:20.)

We didn’t understand before, but when we read the above verse, which is spoken by our Lord Jesus, we see this can happen in the present day. It did not happen in our early days of ministry. But thanks to God, this has happened in the recent days! We believe it will happen in the future too. We are waiting for this miracle to come. May God bring revival in our country!

Some Thirtyfold

Our Calvary Bible Institute had 30 young students. We are so thankful to our God, who gave us the opportunity to disciple these young people.

In November we were able to graduate 10 students in our Bible College. Some of the graduates are already serving the people. We see that they are already ordained by our God for His kingdom. God brought these students from different parts of our country so we believe that they will be serving

in different parts of the country. These students love God’s Word. Hopefully they will make His Word known everywhere and wherever God leads them.

We can tell that these students have a serving heart. We believe that they will serve God and that they are sold out to God. We see some of them as apostles, some prophets, some evangelists and some pastors and teachers. Please keep praying for these young people.

Some Sixtyfold

A couple of years ago, one of our students, named Joshep, graduated from our Calvary Bible Institute. Now he is serving in the eastern part of the country as a Pastor in his community. He loves God and loves people. He went back home to help his father in ministry. While he was helping his father, he started to teach and share the Gospel. This has led so many people joining the church. There are now young people, old people, and people from many different tribes who are coming to Christ. Joshep got married and has a year old son. He loves to share the Gospel in the congregation as well as one-on-one. Last month, 17 people publicly made a commitment to Christ. Most of the people were young people. Please pray that God will use him even more in the coming days.

Some a Hundredfold

One of our pastors graduated a long time ago. He is serving in another area of the country. His name is Pastor Milan. He is the youth leader in his district. He leads a once a year youth camp that hundreds of people come to.

Last month, he asked me to teach at his youth camp. Around 500 young people came. These young people love the Lord. Calvary Bible Institute senior students also attended this camp so that they could encourage other young people. These young people were able to study Psalm 103. Many young people are chasing the things of this world, but these young people follow Jesus. We need to pray that these young people will surrender their lives for the things of the kingdom of God.

Thank you,

Anand and Usha and Family