Scary Times – Vanrenterghem Update October 2023

“And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draws near.”

Luke 21:28

From South America to Southern California.

Some of the Peru team from Calvary Chapel Saving Grace. Heading home from an amazing time serving and learning in Calvary Bible Institute Peru.

COMISIONADO: Conferencia De Misiones Sudamerica

We left for Peru September 28th and came back October 7th. One of the most touching things about this trip for us was seeing our youngest son and seeing where he’s been attending school and where he has felt called to by God to be a missionary.

When we landed in Peru, we hit the ground serving and preparing for the upcoming conference. Seeing how we all came together, worked at creating a great environment for the conference, and the end transformation was amazing. Serving with the students and locals, we developed a bond with them that just coming and attending the event wouldn’t quite have developed. We got to hear the young student’s and staff’s stories and testimonies on how the Lord brought them there and how God was moving in their lives. There were many people there from all over South and Central America.

We had the opportunity to attend and see the newest one-year-old church plant, Calvary Buenos Aires in Trujillo. It was very impacting in that many who attend are from Venezuela. They were so warm, open, and happy in welcoming us into their church. God is doing such a work in South America.

Worship and prayer time spent in Peru

Missions Training School and Southern California

Once we got back to Southern California, we prepared ourselves for the start of Missions Training School. It was so great to reconnect with many of the students from Calvary School of Missions. We are getting used to the new packed schedule. We have classes Monday nights on cross-cultural training, Tuesday nights we had classes on evangelism, and Wednesday we have been starting Hermeneutics: the art of how to study of the Bible. We were hosting a Life Group at our house on Wednesday nights which has now ended and will be beginning Bible studies at church on Eschatology: the study of the end times.

Another awesome thing God has been doing in our lives is we have been given the leadership over the Welcome Team ministry of our church. Sven has such a vision for this and is excited to see the fruit from creating a welcoming environment for our church.

We’ve been loving opening up our house every other Friday night to praying for the Nations. It’s been a great turn out every time and Carrie was so blessed this last prayer time because it was also on her birthday. What a great birthday party to gather with believers and intercede for the nations of the world, especially during these scary, unrestful times.

Friday night prayer time for the nations at our home!


“And how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach unless they are sent? As it is written: ‘How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace, Who bring glad tidings of good things!‘”

Romans 10:14-15

I was so encouraged to see the work that the Lord is doing in Peru and the rest of South America. God is moving! There were at least 600 attendees at the pastor’s conference. I got to meet so many amazing men of God who are dedicated to planting churches all over South America and the rest of the world. The Lord reminds us that we are servants, and servants, serve, wherever, however. I was excited to be able to help serve the awesome pastors and make sure they had a great environment to absorb the Word. Isn’t that what church planting is all about? Being willing to do anything and everything. We should never be caught up in “our ministry” or “my role in the church.” We should all be willing to serve in any capacity. Yes, that means things like dumping water in the toilets after the electricity goes out in the city and they are close to overflowing. Or painting murals and hanging spotlights so that the attendees can see them at night after they leave the compound. Re-painting the bathrooms so the school and conference have a fresh coat of paint for people to look at. Cooking meals for 500 people so that everyone gets fed for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Picking up garbage on the dirt roads outside of the school so that the attendees have a pleasant experience walking to the gate. There was so much to do in preparation for the conference and just as much during it. I loved every minute of it. There is no fellowship like like-minded work fellowship, just brothers and sisters working together to accomplish what needs to be done for things to run successfully.  

For many of the pastors and their wives this the one time a year when they get to come together and get fed the Word and fellowship with one another. We wanted to do everything we could to make it as fruitful a time as possible for them. Many of them have very small teams, some are just alone, the pastor and his family. So, this is a very special time for them.

At night, a few other guys and I were assigned security in and around the campus. James and I patrolled the outside perimeter of the compound and directed traffic, helped guests as they arrived, etc. Peru has other ideas when it comes to parking and driving. As long as there is no car in front of you, you can do whatever you want I guess, that includes running me over.

The conference was very fruitful. I got to sit in some sessions during the day and learned much more about church planting and what God is doing in each church there in Peru and the rest of South America. A new church plant in Moyobamba, Peru was launched the week after the conference. After the conference was over, the church planting seminar began for the students of CBI Peru and CBI Kauai (who came to Peru to serve as we did). We also stayed to attend as well. Pastor Trent, Pastor Hugo, and Pastor Corey taught those amazing classes. Every time I hear about the “Purpose of the Church” I learn something new. Our time flew by there. Many got sick, including Carrie and I, but that is to be expected on the mission field in a foreign country. At least half of the 30 students from Kauai got very sick. We call it “throwing up and throwing down,” some did both at the same time. Was that TMI?

I am excited to see what the Lord is going to do next. School has officially begun; I will share more on that in the next newsletter. We are in full swing now, making our preparations for our trip to Japan in January, which will be here before we know it.

Just a few people we hung out with during the conference. What a great success it was.

Praise Reports

  • Peru conference and trip was a success. Made many friendships and the Lord spoke to all.
  • School started off without a hitch and we are falling into the routine well.
  • Sven and our son and son-in-law had an wonderful time at the men’s conference in October.
  • We bought our first plane ticket to Japan on January 15th.
  • Carrie had an amazing birthday. Thanks to everyone who reached out and sent their love to her.

Prayer Requests

  • For supporters in prayer and finances.
  • For the Holiday season on whether we’d be able to visit some of our friends and family before the busy New Year and vision tours.
  • For the vision tours: Japan and Indonesia and possibly Middle East. We are budgeting and scheduling things out. For God’s guidance.
  • Our daughter has a pretty bad cold right now. Please pray for her healing and ability to take care of her 2-month old baby.
  • For our health.
  • For our teeth which we are getting treatment for.