Precious Fellowship

Our Daily Online Women’s Prayer Meeting

It is my great pleasure to share with my brothers and sisters, and prayer partners about what God has been doing through our church and Bible college. The Covid pandemic has affected everyone so badly all over our country. The lock-down has been continuing. We can hardly go out to buy groceries or vegetables–only between the hours of 6-9am, We are not allowed to be in a group larger than 5 people. We are also not allowed to gather for church services. In spite of all the circumstances, praise God, we are able to continue our online services and meetings. We are trying our best to encourage the church members through prayer and every possible way we can. 

We also are doing weekly online worship services, Bible study and prayer meetings, children’s fellowship, and young adult meetings and having women’s prayer meetings 5 days a week.


Prakash and Muna

Worshiping the Lord Together at Bible College
Bible College Classes