Praise the Lord – Pastor 13 Update July 2023

Hello Everyone!

Jai Christ! (Praise the Lord!)

Thank you for praying for me and my ministry. Thank you for constantly lifting me up in your prayers.Thank you for helping financially. May God bless you all. Thank you so much for the great love you have for us.

As you know, in the area where we are ministering, the people have only one thought: that this place should be made an only Hindu area. In such a situation, when we preach the Gospel to people, they get angry. They say, “You are doing wrong.” But, we know that we are sharing about the Holy God and the Living God. We want them to be able to get rid of the evil power over them and accept their sins before God. But people here do not want to listen to us.

Some of our brothers, who are pastors, are also working in different areas here. Just now, I met a brother. His name is N*. I told him that we can do the work of evangelism in this area by being in one accord. Even though we are connected with different ministries, our work is the same. We can spread the Gospel in the same way where the Gospel has not reached the villages, and open the eyes of the people from darkness and bring them to the Lord.

Some time ago, God gave me a chance to meet some of my old friends who used to study in the same school with me. We were all in the same class. God can make anything happen during ministry, but I never thought that we would ever meet again and talk like this! But when God is working nothing is impossible with Him!

When we were in school, I used to preach Gospel to all of the students in our free time, because that was the time that I came to know about the Lord. I used to tell people in class at school, “God loves you so much. He wants us all to be saved. If we repent from our sins and go before Him, He will forgive us.”

I was able to meet with some of these same old friends from the past. We had good fellowship together. I again told them about the Lord Jesus Christ, as I used to tell them in school. Today God gave me another chance, to tell them again! R* is close to accepting Christ as Savior in his life and turning his mind from his sins. Every day I talk to him on the phone and visit also. I am praying to God that the lives of these two brothers will be saved and that the lives of their families can be saved through them.

hank God! God gave me a chance to meet a brother pastor who is currently serving in a nearby city. He came near our house. Then we went nearby to a beautiful place in the forest where there is peace. We sat down and sang a couple of songs of praise to the Lord and encouraged each other. S* was also there, who is from our area, but doing ministry in a different place. He asked me, “Very bad treatment was done to you here, wasn’t it? ” We talked about what happened at that time and prayed for each other. We prayed that God, who is here, will open more and more doors wherever the Word of the Lord has not yet been spoken. 

We are hoping to meet there twice a week and share about how God is working in different ways in the different areas that we are serving in. Then we will pray for each other and the areas we are working in.

Thank you for praying for S* and N* and their families who live near us. Thank God that in the last 2 weeks, their families were the only ones from the city at the bottom of the mountain that came to our area. They camped where our church is being built by God. They spent the night and painted the church. Pastor 12* who is from here but serving the Lord at the bottom of the mountains and his brother also came with them.

Thanks to those who visited our area. We talked about how we can do many things, and gathered people around. At night they showed a movie that was in our local language to gather more people and make them excited. We had dinner together and so that together we could glorify and praise the Lord and pray together. Afterward we kept meeting and were able to share the word of God.

Many times when we tell the Good News to people in our area, they do not want to listen because it is us who tell them. When someone new from another place comes, they become interested. They think these people are coming from some other land and will teach us. I pray that in the coming time that God will save more and more people and bring them and we can glorify God and come together in our church building.

Thank you all for praying for us. God bless you.

 Pastor 13*

* Names have been changed or omitted for security reasons.