Praises and Prayer Requests

Praise the Lord!

Riding Through the Flood to Get the Gospel Out
  • Praise God for His grace and love upon my family and church family.
  • Praise God! One more person was baptized during the lock-down.
  • Praise God for His safety during the lock-down! For 7 months they have not allowed any temples, mosques or churches to open because of Covid-19; but we never stopped having our Sunday service and house fellowship. God has kept us safe during every situation. We could not have online services because the people in my church family do not have smart phones or internet facilities.

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray for the families in our church. They are being persecuted by their own families, communities, and political leaders. One of them, Jamesh*, and his brother are being persecuted by their own father. Their father wants to take them to the village court because of their faith in Christ.
  • Please continue to pray for my state. Since the lock-down, crime is increasing day by day including; murder, robbery, fighting, suicide, etc.
  • Please pray for my church family–that they can be strong in the Word of God, and that God would provide them all of their basic needs including food, clothing and shelter. During the lock-down, they all lost their jobs and spent all of their savings. They planted rice, but a flood came and ruined the crops. Now, since they don’t have jobs, they are trying to leave my state to try to find a job.
  • Please continue praying for safety for me and my parents.
  • Please pray for our church to be painted. For 8 years we have not been able to paint it. Pray that God would provide for the finances needed for paint. 
  • Please continue to pray for my marriage, that God would provide a girl who can partner with me in spreading the Gospel.

Thank you for your prayers, help and partnership in the Gospel!

God bless you all,

Pastor 11*

*Names have been changed or omitted for security reasons.