Please Pray for Up – Pastor 8* Update March 2024

Greetings in the Name of Jesus Christ! 

I am deeply thankful to all of you prayer warriors for constantly keeping us in your prayers. By the grace and mercy of God we are doing well!!

The homeowners of the house where I was holding church services had a dispute between the husband and wife. After they locked their house up, they moved to rent a house in another village. Because of this, I am facing a lot of difficulties with figuring out where to hold our Sunday worship services.

Currently, there is a small room where we pray together on Sundays. We do not make much noise. We worship God very quietly because the present situation is very serious (we do not want to stir up trouble). We ask you all to pray together with great burden for this matter. May God open a door for us.

The house where I live with my family is a rented house. I cannot conduct worship there on Sundays, because the owner of the house will not allow me to do this.

I am dedicated to doing God’s work, so my God will not let me be ashamed.

Please all of you together pray for us with great burden.

Last month I went to some villages and did a prayer walk. Please remember those villages in your prayers.

May God bless the hands that help me financially. May God bless them in their work and ministry.

In the Lord,

Your Brother,

Pastor 8* and Family

*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.