Our Unstoppable God Made Us Not Stop

In whom also we have obtained an inheritance, being predestined according to the purpose of him who worketh all things after the counsel of his own will”   (Ephesian 1:11)

Christmas Outreaches of Our Calvary Chapel

Outreach One:

Having Locals for Breakfast and To Share about True Meaning of Christmas

It has always been awesome to do outreach. What a wonderful thing to invite people and share the Gospel with them! This Christmas outreach was a blessing. We were able to reach people in our local community with whom we are spending time for a long time. We invited the people from the Badminton Club to our Church to have breakfast so we could share “What Christmas is All About” on Christmas Sunday. People always have a lot of questions about Jesus, and the Bible always has the answer about life. Thank all of you prayer warriors who were praying for us and the outreach.

Outreach Two:

Overnight Christmas Outreach and Church Service

It is a great blessing to see people who are involved as a family with us. We use our Bible College facilities to host the people of the Church. For a long time, some of the families of the Church have wanted to stay for a couple of days with us in the Church. So, we asked them to come before Christmas so we could have fellowship, spend the night together, share our hearts, share testimonies, and hear the Word of God. It was a great blessing to be loved by the believers and to love the believers in this Christmas season. We had a great time cooking food for the people who were invited for the Christmas program. All together, there were 50 people who attended. Some were believers and some were non-believers. We had a Gospel sing, Gospel Dance, etc. We believe that Jesus was glorified in the midst of us. Praise God! All glory goes to God! One of the teenagers received Christ as their personal Savior. This is great news that we can share this Christmas. Also, some young men were restored in Christ (rededicated their lives). Please keep praying for these men. 

Leprosy Outreach

Distributing Food at the Leper Colony

We are able to go to the Leprosy colony again. Thank you all for your prayers. It is always awesome to do ministry every time when we go there. The people were so happy to see us again and thankful for the help we brought. Because of Covid, they have not been able to see any visitors. The people who help were not allowed to come in.  

Right before they sealed the leper colony we took half of the Bible College food there (from the leftover food after we sent the students home due to the lock-down). We believe it has been really a big help to them. We believe that it was God who lead us to put half of the food in the Leprosy colony before it was closed to visitors. Now, we were once again able to distribute food. We believe that this food was late, but was in God’s perfect time (just in time). 

Sharing God’s Word at the Leper Colony

People were thanking us for what we do. They thought that, because of Covid, there would be no guests to help them with things. The situation was bad. But God had moved us to go there and again helped us to share the Gospel and food. We are being loved by the Christian as well as the non-Christian there. More than that, they are learning about Jesus! 

Thanks for praying for us,

Anand, Usha, Asher & Amos