Our Faithful Father – Pastor 8 Update February 2024

Praise the Lord!

First of all, I thank God the Father that He has kept me and my family safe. I thank Him for His faithfulness. 

I thank God for all you prayer warriors who have been continuously praying for me and my family. By the grace of God, my family is doing well and the people of our church are also doing well. Please keep praying for my ministry and that God will reach hearts and bring new families into my church. 

We study the Bible with both of our children daily. My son has memorized the full chapter of Psalm 119. He is currently memorizing the book of Hebrews. Please pray that he continues to grow in the fear of the Lord and the Word of the Lord. We also do Bible story skits with both of our children. 

Ministry Update:

My vision is to do prayer walks together with outreach this year. I have focused on four districts. The plan is to pray for at least 10 to 15 minutes in each of the villages within these districts and then proceed to the next village. 

My Main Prayer Requests for Each Village:

  1. May the Lord work in the lives of the villagers and turn their hearts towards God. 
  2. Against all the devil’s strongholds in each village. 
  3. To save people from ignorance, from darkness, and from superstition.

Please especially pray for me, that my body will be healthy so that I can serve the Lord.

This month I went to 4 of these villages and 3 famous temples and prayed over them. Please pray for these villages and temples 

I would especially like to thank the hands who are supporting me financially. May the Lord bless you abundantly!! 

In the Lord,

Your Brother,

Pastor 8* and Family

*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.