November Update

November was yet another fly-by month here in the office. We have started praying for our Christmas outreaches and we had the privilege of sharing the needs of 6 nationals with our church body.

Christmas Outreaches

Every year SGWM helps nationals working with us in the 10/40 window conduct local Christmas outreaches among their unreached neighbors. This year will be no different in spite of COVID! If you would like to be part of what God does this Christmas season among the unreached, you can give at this link. We are putting our Covid Relief fund to work for Christmas themed outreaches and would love for you to join us.

Below are just a few photos from last year’s Christmas outreaches. This year things will look different but we will not stop reaching people with the Gospel. In certain places where we minister, Christmas is the only time of year when Christians are able to share Jesus openly and we know that God wants to touch people’s hearts this year as well as any other even though group gatherings may be outlawed.

Why Nationals?

We at SGWM like to partner with nationals because they already know the language and culture and are immediately effective in ministry, unlike an American, or any foreigner, who has to spend years learning language and culture in order to be effective. That is why we endeavor to plant Bible schools in unreached areas where Christians of that nationality can be equipped to reach their own people. We then partner with a select few as SGWM missionaries. Naturally, they are unable to raise missionary support among their own countrymen because their unbelieving neighbors want to kill them for their belief in Jesus and their fellow believers are just as persecuted and poor. It then comes back to us to help launch these courageous men and women into ministry through our prayers and financial support.

We currently have 6 national missionaries/pastors who have little to no monthly support and we had the opportunity of presenting those needs to our body this month. For security reasons, I cannot post their photos and names here, but if you would like to hear more about them and their ministries, please reach out to me. I would love to share more about them and help you get engaged in reaching the lost in the 10/40 window.

Praise Reports:

The Gospel is not chained by COVID or any scheme of the enemy!

We have raised some funds for our nationals but still need more financial partners.

We had a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving with our families.

My husband got a full-time job!

Baby Fletcher is growing and gaining strength. I am beginning to feel little butterfly flutters and gas-bubble like movements.