Not So Dark

October is a month usually associated with darkness, a month where much wickedness is celebrated. I suppose this October wasn’t different for many, but for me, it was a month of celebrating much light and the grace of God in my life. You see, in October nineteen years ago I got radically born again, I’m sure it was a coincidence but that was also the last time I did drugs, alcohol or went to jail. I rejoice in the fact that the Lord rescued me from the Orange County jail cell where I was a physical and psychological mess and chose to set this sucked up ex-con on a path for His glory. October is not only a month that I celebrate salvation, sobriety and being returned to my right mind but it’s also a month that Jenn and I celebrate one year of our relationship. So October is full of celebrations and milestone memories for me. It also kicks off three of my most favorite months where it seems like opportunities to engage people in conversations about the Lord are more abundant. I’m looking forward to and taking advantage of these opportunities every chance I get.

On the ministry front, October has been a glorious month where, thanks to the support staff here at SGWM and the incredible team that I serve with, I’ve been able to connect with several missionaries. Reaching out and connecting with missionaries is really the heartbeat of the calling God placed upon my life. It’s also been a month full of connecting with old friends and making new ones. It’s been a month where the Lord has really reminded me that people matter, relationships matter, and we are better off together. I did have the absolutely incredible opportunity to join one of our missionary families in their church planting vision tour in Oaxaca, Mexico. Thank you for everybody who prayed for me on this trip and for those who financially supported me. Both of these acts of love are vitally important and provided me the ability to do this. I’m grateful for all of you and it was an incredible trip. God has a great work in store for Calvary Chapel Oaxaca, please keep them in your prayers. 













Lastly, in a few sentences, I will try to explain what a joy we had during our front yard Halloween outreach parties. On a dark and wicked night where evil is glorified and most people who love the Lord turn out the lights and lock the front doors, I’m grateful to be involved in a church who steps up to the frontline and punches holes in the darkness with the light of the world and the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ. We had a front yard party in the name of Jesus where we supplied tons of candy, hot dogs, popcorn, cotton candy, water, and coffee to anyone who came by absolutely free. Oh yes, and of course a bounce house. But the best thing about this night, on a night where everyone is looking for something, we were able to share with them the gospel and the love of Christ.












Thank you all so much for your faithful prayer support and financial partnership, both of these make it possible for me to fulfill the call that God has upon my life to encourage and strengthen missionaries, to preach the Gospel, and to love those who He loves. 

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All for His Glory,

Tim Pappas