Spring Has Sprung

Spring has sprung into action and so have we. So much has happened since the last time we had written, just like so much happens in the months prior to spring. We have had a wonderful season of being able to invest in the lives of others and have others invest in us. In February/March, I (Tim) was able to go to central Mexico where I was able to be involved in Missionary care as well as Missionary equipping all in one. We went to visit one of our newest SGWM Missionaries in Acapulco… before you start thinking it’s all sunsets and palm trees, Acapulco is ranked the city with the fourth highest murder rate per capita in the world and is an extremely hard place to minister the gospel of Jesus Christ.  It had been so long since anyone had been to see them that our missionary identified himself as an orphan missionary. We spent several days there visiting the work, serving in their church and edifying the family. As we were leaving I asked him if, as a result of our visit, he felt more equipped to continue on in the ministry and he answered emphatically yes. That was when it struck me that missionary equipping has many more dimensions than just training up and equipping young adults who graduate from the Calvary School of Missions. 

Speaking of graduates from the CSOM we also had an opportunity to visit, pray with and encourage a year one graduate/alumni. She is still very focused on serving in the 10/40 window amongst unreached people groups and we are going to do all we can to assist her. 

Us leaders with SGWM Missionary, CC Acapulco senior pastor
Visiting with CSOM Alumna in Acapulco

The second leg of our journey was to Mazatlan to visit Calvary Chapel Maranatha, a church plant from one of our church plants, Calvary Chapel Rosarito. We got to take part in their church planting conference and visit one of our missionaries there as well. It was such a joy to see what the Lord is doing there and again our missionary on the ground reported to be greatly encouraged by our visit and strengthened and equipped to continue on in the work she has been called to.

Last was a weekend youth retreat in Rosarito Beach where I was blessed with the opportunity to be a driver/chaperone as our high school pastor took a group of high school students and young adults to minister in Baja. 

Please pray for Jenn and I as the Lord continues to stir our heart for destinations south of the border. We are not completely sure what this looks like, as often is the case with the Lord, but we do know and see him calling us and using us more and more in Mexico.

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  • Praise God Jenn’s neck continues to heal nicely from her surgery. 
  • Praise God for His protection in our travels
  • Praise God for His provision to meet our needs


  • Please pray for wisdom as Tim directs the Calvary School of Missions 
  • Please pray for a way for Jenn and I to serve together at the school this year as six weeks apart from each other is very difficult.
  • Please pray for our family as our uncle passed away this week.

All for His Glory, 

Tim and Jenn Pappas

Full Speed Ahead!

Happy new year everyone, Jenn and I are excited to see what 2021 holds. We have talked to a lot of people and hear a lot of hope for a better year ahead. So far we have not seen it. I hate to burst anyone’s bubble even though have a hope and a future in Christ, ultimately times here on earth will get worse and worse. Jenn and I have purposed in our heart to dump the clutch, grab a gear and stomp on the gas.  Full speed ahead. Some of you older crowd know the context of that saying. We’re not concerned with the danger, we’re not discouraged by fiery darts, we have set our course for 2021, to not shrink back, to be dedicated to the furtherance of the gospel and the encouragement of the body of Christ. A compass point due north, keeping our eyes off of our circumstances and squarely on our master and king. If this sounds a bit like a war cry, that’s because it is. We have been called into battle my friends. Won’t you join us in prayer as Tim prepares for a trip to Mazatlan and Acapulco where he will engage in face to face missionary care there with SGWM Missionaries in both locations as well as serving at a church planting conference there. Praise the Lord Jenn is healing up nicely from her surgery and will be heading back to work. Please pray for her as she steps back into the role of ministering to women recovering from drug and alcohol addictions while pointing them to our Lord.

Preparation for return to work
Best ministry partner ever! 

None of us knows what 2021 holds but we certainly know the one who holds 2021.

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All for His Glory, 

Tim and Jenn Pappas

A Two-Way Street

Here we are, finding ourselves so close to the end of 2020. Wow, what a ride! Thank you for joining us on this journey, you are a huge part of what we do.  One of the joys of 2020 has been our ability to continue to care for missionaries worldwide. God has definitely given Jenn and me a heart of compassion and the gift of caring for others that He allows us to use for His glory. It was exciting to see God’s confirmation over the last few months that we are not to go anywhere, we are to continue on assignment, pouring into and fortifying missionaries around the world as well as equipping missionaries on their way to the field.

In the last month we have been able to touch base with workers from Mexico, Brazil, and Cambodia to pray with them, encourage them and see how their ministries are going.

I (Tim) also had the chance to be part of a team leading the youth mission trip to Mexico. It is so important to allow junior high and high schooler’s to see and experience ministry cross culturally. They say, and it’s true, that short term missions do not change the world but they do create world changers. Please pray for the youth of CC Saving Grace that they would get God’s heart for the nations and the furtherance of the gospel through these short term trips. We are planning on making several more in 2021.

14 High Schoolers in a van . . . Good Times! 
Enjoyed Church at Calvary Chapel Rosarito 

An unexpected lesson came to us over the last few weeks that we are still in the midst of learning. This is that care is a two-way street. As some of you know, Jenn has had a long time degenerative disc issue and spinal stenosis. Mid-November she went in for surgery and the recovery has been quite hard. During this time so many people have been praying for her, for us, bringing over food, helping with laundry and other chores around the house or just being willing to check on us and see how we’re doing. This humbling blessing has brought with it many lessons. It has allowed us to see how hard it is for us to receive, it has allowed us to see how many people love us, it has allowed us to be on the receiving end and we thank you all so much.

Pastors, Elders and wives praying for Jenn (James 5:14) 
Jenn leaving the hospital to go home 


Praise God that Jenn’s surgery went well. Praise God that He continues to use us in the lives of others. Praise God that He has surrounded us with so many people that care for us. 


Please Pray for Jenn’s continual healing. Please Pray for God’s blessing upon those who partner with us in this ministry. Please Pray for wisdom and discernment in how the Lord wants to use us. 

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All for His Glory, 

Tim and Jenn Pappas

Lives Touching Lives

In a world where the news just seems to be getting worse, problems seem to be getting bigger, tensions build, and anxieties sore we are here to tell you our walk with God and relationship with Him just keeps getting better and we hope that is a reality in your life as well. Our hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness. We love that song, we love that truth. Jenn and I are completely committed and totally sold out to walking with God and caring for missionaries, and if you’ve been reading our update letters, you’ll know it’s been a bumpy ride, yet around every corner God continues to show Himself strong. We have found great joy and lots of blessing in caring for missionaries on the field along with missionaries on their way to the field (i.e. Calvary School of Missions students). October was filled with missionary care on yet another level… in our home. We were blessed to be able to house and host a missionary brother from a Middle Eastern, predominately Muslim country who stayed with us for two weeks. It was a great time of fellowship and he left completely refreshed. 

Bro Time
Language Drills 

 For two weeks prior to that it was our joy to be able to house and host a couple who has a calling on their lives and their eyes set on planting a church in Japan. We also had several dinners with a family from Africa who wasn’t able to stay with us because our home was full but we had them over as much as possible for food and fellowship. 

Friends from Africa

We had such an incredible time loving on our fellow brothers and sisters who are giving up all the comforts of America for the furtherance of the Gospel over seas. We are so grateful for your support that enables us to work in this multifaceted ministry of launching and caring for missionaries. Speaking of support, in our last few update letter we had fired off the flares and sounded the alarms as our finances had gotten dangerously low. Yet again God has shown Himself strong on our behalf and we are so grateful to those of you who responded. We are so blessed and blown away by very generous responses. We are still in need of monthly partners to help sustain us on a month to month basis to keep us from getting in that spot again. If the Lord leads you to partner with us financially, or increase your already generous support you can do so 
by clicking here to become a financial partner or by mailing your support check to
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All for His Glory, 
Tim and Jenn Pappas

One of the Youngest and One of the First

Jenn and I want to start out this month’s newsletter by saying that we are extremely grateful to still be here serving the Lord at Saving Grace World Missions. We posted last month in our newsletter that our support has gotten so low we had to stop payroll; we are still extremely short in our monthly income but by Gods grace and through much prayer of yours, ours, and many others God has made it evidently clear that we are to stay on the field, that we cannot leave our post. Missionaries must be cared for!! Serving as a stateside Missionary and being 100% dependent upon the Lord moving the hearts of financial partners has definitely been a challenge, but only for us, not for Him. Thank you so much to those of you who have heard the Lord’s voice and decided to partner with us to enable us to continue serving missionaries all around the world. We are still at quite a deficit to meet our monthly needs, however, I’m confident the Lord will provide.

I mentioned last month that we would tell more about the Calvary School of Missions (CSOM) and the absolutely incredible opportunity to serve that has unfolded in front of us. For the second year in a row, I (Tim) have had the opportunity to coordinate and oversee the Calvary School of Missions. This has led to a re-definition of my job description and an even deeper level of missionary care. I am officially now the Director of Missionary Equipping for Saving Grace World Missions. Part of my heart was torn because I truly still stand on the fact that Missionary care is the calling that God has upon my life, through prayer and seeking the Lord in His Word, I’ve been assured that I will still be caring for missionaries on the field as well as caring for those on their way to the field. This has taken missionary care in a direction I never even thought of but it’s just like our God to do exceedingly abundantly above what we can ask or think. Way too much is happening to write about in an update letter so I would invite you to contact me so we can sit down for a cup of coffee or have a conversation over the phone. I can’t wait to share more of all the Lord is doing.

CSOM Ministering at Indian Reservation

Students in Roof Top prayer seeking God  

One of the Youngest

 She is a 16-year-old who joined us for CSOM 2020.  Each one of the students is incredibly special in their own way but I want to highlight a few of them as I catch you all up on what has happened over the summer. This young lady came to us on her own accord with her own money saying “the Lord has called me to missions.” Before you get overly concerned she has two loving parents whom I’ve spoken to and prayed with on several occasions, they are 100% behind her and us and are confirming the clear call upon her life. So she arrives from another country to California and journeys with us to Mexico for a six week school where the fire in her eyes and conviction in her heart just grew stronger. This young lady will be completing high school at the end of this year, her parents along with her and the pastors here at Saving Grace World Missions will be seeking the Lord on how to best equip her for the work she is called to. 

One of the First

Let me tell you of one of the first, he is a young man who went to CSOM 2019. It has been my joy to be a part of his discipleship and training here in the intern program. I love being able to have a front row seat to see what the Lord is doing in this sharp young man’s life. He definitely has a clear call of pastoring and in a couple months will be going to a Middle Eastern country where he can learn language and culture in steps towards reaching the 10/40 window with the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

These are two extremely short stories of students who have come to the Calvary School of Missions and there are many more like them. Young men and women who understand the importance of the furtherance of the gospel to a lost and dying world. Men and women who are willing to be trained up, equipped, and sent. Thank you for partnering with us and helping us to stay engaged in the great commission. Together we are doing the work. John Piper once wrote “Go, Send, or Disobey.”  I love that statement because the reality is that those are our three choices. Not all of us can get on an airplane and head to faraway lands but we can all be a part of equipping and sending those who can. Thank you for partnering with us, without your support we cannot continue in this ministry. We realize we need to depend upon God, but we have yet to see him drop a bag of money out of the sky. He always uses others to financially assist. If the Lord leads you to partner with us financially or increase your already generous support you can do so by clicking here to become a financial partner or mailing your support check to
Saving Grace World Missions

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All for His Glory, 

Tim and Jenn Pappas

Greater Heights, Deeper Trust

2020 CSOM 

I found myself in a place I never thought I would be, directing the Calvary School of Missions for the second year in a row. God has a way of doing exceedingly abundantly beyond what we ask or think and He has a way of getting His will accomplished that, quite frankly, blows my mind. Year two of CSOM went incredibly well but it wasn’t without challenge, sacrifice, and hard work. Jenn and I have both realized something in life: challenges, hard work, and sacrifice are good for us and this year was no exception. 

We want to thank you all for your prayers, love, emotional support, and even financial backing as we stepped out this year to join 12 students in exploring the call God has on their lives for the furtherance of the gospel around the world. We were joined by teachers, leaders, and missionaries who have served all around the world. One of the highlights was watching the lights come on and the truths of God’s word come to life for the students as the teachers taught over 150 hours worth of the lessons they learned from serving our Lord in foreign countries and the truths of God’s word that held them strong and fueled their ministries.

Church planters Mike and Sarah Vincent sharing their experience, strength, and hope

Another one of the highlights came in the form of what I call a double blessing. As I navigated putting together outreaches amidst a world pandemic we realized the focus quickly needed to shift to COVID relief. We did some street witnessing, worked at some local churches, and even helped Calvary Chapel Rosarito at their church planting conference but the main focus of the majority of outreach was food distribution. Of course as we did that we took opportunity for prayer and sharing the gospel with the communities.

The double blessing was first of all having the open door to go into communities and share the word of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ, and second, meeting the physical needs through the generous donations of those who had contributed to Calvary Chapel Saving Grace’s COVID relief fund. Outreach this year was so different from last year but then again everything is during this time we are living in. One thing was the same, Jesus Christ! He is the same yesterday, today, and forevermore and we have great hope in Him that we share with the rest of the world. 

So much happened in six weeks that our focus for the next few updates will be to continue sharing about this summer and the Calvary School of Missions. Of course we will also let you know what’s going on in our personal lives and ministry here at saving Grace World Missions. Speaking of that, I hate to end such a positive update on a low note but Jenn and I have a personal need that I’ve come to realize we owe it to you all to share. My (Tim’s) income here at Saving Grace World Missions is 100% supporter funded, this is a fact that I don’t share with many people. I am grateful beyond belief for those the Lord has provided to partner with Jenn and I but my financial support has dropped so low I have had to discontinue my payroll here. As much as I really don’t want to, I’ve come to understand I need to ask for help. We need help, we need financial supporters, people who are able and willing to partner with us in the work the Lord is doing through us at Saving Grace World Missions. If the Lord leads you to partner with us financially, or increase your already generous support you can do so by clicking here to become a financial partner or mailing your support check to
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All for His Glory, 

Tim and Jenn Pappas

The Gospel Must Go Forth

I am so grateful that the gospel of Jesus Christ is not on lockdown. In a crazy world and crazy times we have a future and a hope. The future and that hope is based in the salvation of our souls and the reconciliation to God through the cross of Jesus Christ. Faith in his shed blood for the forgiveness of our sins is the only hope for mankind. Therefore the gospel must go forth. The gospel is not on lockdown. God won’t be masked, God won’t be muzzled, God won’t be toppled like some statue.

He wants to use us to do this. He wants to do it in His timing in His way. That is exactly why I am setting out to direct CSOM 2020. Calvary School of Missions year two.

CSOM 2019

I will admit last year, 2019, when we launched the pilot program CSOM there were many including myself at times who thought it was a crazy idea that could not be done. I will also admit I was wrong and they were wrong. The Lord had placed CSOM on the hearts of leadership here at Calvary Chapel Saving Grace and the Lord is never wrong. Last year he worked in amazing ways in all of our lives; the young students as well as leaders and teachers. On top of the “in the moment experience,” there has been much long-lasting fruit from last year’s school.

We currently have five young interns from CSOM 2019 who have been trained up in the school as well as a year-long intern program I was able to lead bringing them to the place they are today, poised and ready to go to the nations. They have locations they are going and are in the final stages of preparing to go to bring the nations the gospel of Jesus Christ. They will be working in the 10/40 window amongst the most unreached of the world and we were blown away to have had a front-row seat to see what the Lord is doing in and through them in the CSOM.

Even though it looks way crazier than last year, Jenn and I are expecting CSOM 2020 to be equally incredible and fruitful. One of the main differences in our lives is that we are married and although last year she was of great support, this year she is all in. I’m so grateful she will be able to be on the trip this year and I’m so grateful for the many ways she partners with me in ministry. I will be gone for six weeks of which Jenn only gets to be with me for 10 days due to our need for her to still work. Jenn has partnered with me in so many ways preparing for this school, please pray for us as we will be apart for an extended period for the first time. She is a fantastic partner on the field and even though being apart from each other will be difficult we are totally convinced that pouring into future missionaries to send around the world is worth the hardship.

We appreciate your prayers and are so grateful for you who have already joined us in this area. If the Lord leads you to partner with us financially or increase your already generous support, you can do so by clicking here to become a financial partner or by mailing your support check to

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All for His Glory,
Tim and Jenn Pappas

Expanding Horizons

Funny thing about horizons… They have a way of continuing to expand.

This year has gotten off to a great start. Jenn and I were able to attend the Calvery Chapel missions conference which is always been a great treat for me. To be able to share it with my bride and ministry partner this year was like having my cake and eating it too. Being able to see old friends and meet new ones from all around the world really helped re-solidify the calling God has upon our lives. The feedback that I’ve gotten from every missionary I’ve talked to is that the ministry God has given us is so important. Some of them with tear-filled eyes tried to express their joy and gratitude for someone to care for them in the way the Lord has led us to do. Missionaries need care, missionaries are not super-spiritual Christian all-stars. Missionaries are normal people with normal hurts, fears, and issues. To let them know they are not forgotten and minister to them in every and any way that we can is our great passion and a God-given gift to us.

Another one of the multi-faceted ways we have been able to care for missionaries so far this year was in the assembling of a team to help process year-end tax statements of donations. As we folded letters, stuffed and sealed envelopes, stamped, and delivered them to the post office, I was reminded of God’s great faithfulness and provision for His missionaries and our privilege to care for them in this way.

There was so much more that could be shared about this month. Just to mention a few, the sending of more than 15 people to the mission field, leading a trip to Mexico to deliver furniture to a special-needs orphanage there, and being able to teach Chapel three times in South Asia.

Praise Report:

Praise God that Tim now has really good health insurance for only $160 a month. We are so grateful for that, however, we are seeking assistance to help cover that cost. We are also in need of financial assistance to cover the costs of providing care for missionaries. If you would like to partner with us in this, your support through prayer and finances would be greatly appreciated. We are still in need of people who wish to partner with us. 

We are most appreciative of you who have already joined us in this area, and we are grateful that we have reached 1/2 of our monthly support needs. If the Lord leads you to join us financially, you can do so by clicking here to become a financial partner or by mailing your support check to:

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All for His Glory,
Tim and Jenn Pappas

A Very Different Season

Many of you maybe wondering what has gone on since the 2019 Calvary School of Missions where I was fortunate to be able to lead the on-ground operations of the missions training school launched by Saving Grace World Missions. I do have to confess since then it has been quite an interesting season.

For a period of that time, quite frankly, I was asking myself what am I doing here?
This was the question, this has been the struggle. As I have returned to work here in the SGWM (Saving Grace World Missions) home office, fulfilling my duties as the Assistant Director as well as my role as associate pastor at Calvary Chapel Saving Grace, I’ve asked myself a lot of questions. What am I doing here, why am I sitting in hours of meetings, why am I answering phones, why am I chasing emails, why am I dealing with traffic? Why, why, why? Well, a few answers became clear to me.
First of all because this is what God has called me to for this season. Even though my heart longs to be in the field and to be in the lives of missionaries, God has called me for the time being to pour into them from afar and take short visits to them.
Secondly, God has entrusted to my care several young men and women from the school who are now interning with us. The Lord has seen fit to allow me to pour into their lives, guide them, and direct them as they seek to acquire the skills and tools they will need to succeed on the mission field.

Missionaries in Training

Sowing, Watering, and Harvesting

Sowing: I bet sometimes the farmer wonders, “why in the world am I digging in these hard rocks? What the heck am I doing in this dusty field?” Especially if he’s had opportunity to water, watch things grow, and even harvest as I have. So, what am I doing in this office, meeting, country? Sowing, that’s what!

The farmer doesn’t get to only water, the farmer doesn’t get to only harvest; he gets to do the hard work of sowing as well. I say that I get to do the work of sowing because I have found it to be quite a joy once I got the proper perspective, God’s perspective.

From Marriage to Mexico within Two Days

Lastly, was the reality of the most excellent reason that I am back here, that is to plan and participate in a wedding. Many of you know I’ve been dating the love of my life for a little over two years God has shown me what a wonderful ministry partner, friend and helpmate Jenn is and on November 23rd, Jenn and I were married! I am excited to see how the Lord is going to use us as a couple in ministering to missionaries. God has gifted Jenn with many talents and skills, along was being very smart and beautiful she has the rare ability to truly love people, to listen to the issues of their heart, and care for their souls. I’m looking forward to partnering with Mrs. Pappas in the care of missionaries and I’m excited to see what God is going to do in and through the two of us.

We are in need of people who wish to partner with us financially. I am most appreciative of you who have already joined me in this area, and I’m grateful that I have reached 1/2 of my monthly support needs. If the Lord leads you to join us financially, you can do so by clicking here to become a financial partner or mail your support check to:

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All for His Glory,

Tim and Jenn Pappas
Asst. Director
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Email tim@sgwm.com

An Unexpected Twist to Missionary Care

I must admit that up until January of this year I have had a very limited view of missionary care.
Having just concluded a six week trip to Mexico where I had the privilege of leading the Calvary School of Missions, I struggle to find the words to express the joy and growth brought about through this experience. It has been difficult at times as I left my fiancé, Jenn at home but both of us see the sacrifice being well worth it. I spent the last six weeks watching seven young men and women seek the Lord for His will for their lives. The Calvary school of missions was a six-week intensive Missions training School focused on education in the morning hours, teaching students the Biblical philosophy of missions, cross-cultural ministry, church planting techniques, and so much more. The afternoons were filled with various types of outreach, homework, and lessons in self-care and relationship building.

School Photo

As the title of this update reflects, the unexpected twist in missionary care is that my focus has been on caring for missionaries in the field, I still truly believe this is the call the Lord has upon my life, however, as usual, His view is so much bigger than mine. The opportunity that I’ve had to care for and train up missionaries on their way to the field was such a rich experience and has brought much joy to my heart. Don’t get me wrong, it was not without challenges but God sustained us through every one of them. The pastors and leadership of Calvary Chapel Saving Grace put a great deal of trust in me in allowing me to lead this school and for that, I’m truly grateful. The opportunities for me to utilize the skills and gifts God has given me in team leadership, outreach coordination, safety and security, caring for others, and Bible teaching was so rewarding and I believe brought great glory to my God and King. For many years I have been leading short term trips to Mexico with absolutely no clue how God was going to use those trips in this school. As I was leading this school it seemed as if each one of my many trips to Mexico over the years condensed into one fluid experience where God was able to use me and the relationships that have been built over the years to make this school successful and safe. Much thanks to all of my friends in Mexico, I love you all so much.

As I have returned to the states with a renewed vigor an expanded view of what missionary care is all about, it’s with great anticipation that I look forward to what the Lord has in store for me in my new expanded view.

Thank you all so much for your prayers, love, and support. If you wish to get involved in what the Lord is doing in and through me first and foremost I need prayer partners, secondly please consider partnering with me financially. Checks can be made out to Saving Grace World Missions or SGWM, with my name in the memo line then mailed directly to Saving Grace World Missions, 17451 Bastanchury Rd., Suite 203, Yorba Linda, CA 92886-1873

Or For your convenience, you may consider giving through electronic funds transfer or direct deposit. Simply click on the “become a financial partner” button below and fill out the information.


  1. That I would be a better communicator of what God is allowing me to be involved in around the world
  2. That I would follow through with a lifestyle change the Lord has put upon my heart long ago involving nutrition and exercise
  3. That I would courageously proclaim the Gospel at every opportunity given

~ Blessings,

Tim Pappas