My King and My God

Dear pastors, leaders and church family!

Church Service

Greetings to you all from our church! Thank you for your love, prayers and support for the Gospel. I am so thankful to God because He sent me to this place where pastors and leaders do not want to come to minister or even visit because of the persecution and lack of basic facilities. Praise God for providing financially for the Christmas outreach with which we were able to celebrate Christmas in two of the villages and we were able to show the Jesus movie in 3 unreached villages and distributed blankets to widows, poor and helpless peoples. Praise God that more than 10 thousand people heard the good news in our Christmas outreach and 6 people took baptism. Everything was safe and smooth because of your prayers and dedication to Christ.

“No one loves me I am going to commit suicide!”

Visiting with Sunjay*

Today, again, I am going to share a story of my church member who was going to commit suicide but God saved his life. This guy’s name is Sunjay* and he is 23 years old and not very educated. In 2014, my dad and I went to distribute Gospel Bible textbooks in a village; that’s where we met this boy. He is suffering with a rare disease known by the name of ‘Olmsted Syndrome’. His hands and feet are so diseased that his nails are 2 to 3 inches long and are as hard as stones and his hands and feet’s skin automatically tear and bleed every day since his birth. Because his hands and feet smell bad no one wants to be friends with him and everyone stays away from him. Because of this he went into depression and started using drugs, many times he tried to kill himself.

Sunjay’s* Hands and Feet

His parents are very poor and daily wagers. They took him to so many doctors and skin specialist but he could not get any better with their treatment. When we shared the Good News and the love of our living God, he accepted Jesus as his Savior and took baptism. In the beginning, he came to the fellowship continuously and God started to heal his hands and feet, but after two years he again started to use drugs with some of his druggie friends and stopped coming to the fellowship. He refused to come to the fellowship and for two years I and my dad encouraged him so many times. His hands and feet started to tear and bleed again more than before. His parents, neighbors and relatives started to scold him and sent him to the fellowship. So, before Christmas, he again started to come to the fellowship. His mother is also a believer in the Lord, but his father is still a non believer. I took him to the hospital this month. The doctor gave him medicine and told him if there is no improvement, they will have to cut his toes. Please remember to keep him in your prayers; with our God nothing is impossible.

Youth’s night for worship, Bible study & prayer! 

Cooking Together at the Young Adult Fellowship

During this pandemic almost every school and college was closed, so many teenagers were free in their houses. Many started using drugs with their friends, and some teenagers started to rob in the villages. That’s why everyday’s news starts with murder, robbery and people dying from drug overdoses.

But, praise God, my church’s youth are safe from these drugs and growing in the Word of God. They are helping in worship and sharing. Learning memory verses from the Bible every week earns them some gifts of necessary items.

I had youth camp 3 times in January and February and we had great fellowship with the youth in Bible study, worship and prayer with some delicious dinner and chicken barbeque. Praise God for two young brothers, Abhishek and Vivek, who accepted Jesus as their Savior. They also came to the youth fellowship with church the youth. Please pray for my state’s teenagers to know Jesus Christ. I plan to fellowship with them every month. Please pray that God would guide me and provide for every financial need.

Please pray for a new motor bike to reach unreached villages!

But watch thou in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, make full proof of thy ministry. (2 Timothy 4:5).

I thank the Lord for sending me to a state where there’s darkness, where people worship 33 million different gods and goddesses- trusting in witchcraft more than doctors or scientist; illiterate, poor, untouchable, affected by malnutrition, they sacrifice their elderly parents to please their goddesses. They believe that their right hand is holy and their left hand is unholy. If any child uses their left hand to eat food, their parents break their fingers on the left hand. People love cows more than their own mother and they are killing those who eat beef. I thank God for sending me to this place with His Gospel. People are hearing the name of Jesus Christ for the first time and so many people are accepting Him and it’s all been possible because of your prayer and support.

I want to share a prayer request about a new motor bike for the ministry. When I came here, after finishing Bible College in 2014, I had a bicycle (bike without a motor) to do ministry. My dad and I went to distribute Gospel tracts from village to village using a bicycle. After some time, God provided me with a motor bike, with which me and my Dad where able to go to many more unreached villages where there are no roads, no clean water, no electricity and not any other type of facilities. My dad and I have to carry a generator on the bike to show the Jesus movie in the unreached villages where there is no electricity. That motor bike really helped me to spread the Gospel to the unreached villages, to visit the house churches, to show the Jesus movie on the movie projector. And continuing going to the villages when there was flooding and to take paralyzed church members to their home, etc.

But, for the last year, the parts on this motor bike have started breaking because they are old. It is very disturbing when I am on my way to have fellowship with the unreached. Every time I go to fix my bike, it breaks down again. Please pray for God to provide me with a new motor bike for the ministry to keep on spreading. 

Prayer Requests:

  • Please continue to pray for a new motor bike.
  • Please continue to pray for my mother’s health- she has a problem with her throat and nose. For the last 2 years, she hasn’t been able to smell anything. I took her to the hospital, but doctors said they don’t have any treatment for her.
  • Please pray for Sunjay’s* healing.
  • Please continue to pray for our 5 house churches- that they grow deeper in the Word of God.
  • Please pray for the upcoming baptism service, as some more people are ready to get baptized. The government made a new law that if anybody wants to be baptized, they need to give an affidavit to the pastor for their baptism of their own will and without pressure, which is safer for the pastors.

Thank you so much for your prayer, help, support and partnership in spreading the Gospel.

God bless you all!

Pastor 11

*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.