Mexico COVID Relief

It’s a privilege to serve God at Calvary School of Missions (CSOM) here in Mexico. The leaders and students, led by the Lord, got off to a wonderful start and are a little over halfway through. Hopefully, you’ve been able to read our update letters, if not please CLICK HERE  to connect with us and update yourself on all the Lord has been doing in and through our team. 

One of the unforeseen blessings during our school has been the ability to develop and serve church plants and their communities with Covid relief feeding programs. We’ve had opportunities to visit many families in need. So many people here in Mexico as well as the rest of the world have been devastated by this pandemic. God is sending out CSOM to meet both spiritual and physical needs.  

Work places have closed down here in Mexico leaving individuals unable to provide for their basic needs. Families who were already living hand to mouth, meaning weekly checks for their work go directly to essential physical needs such as buying groceries and paying rent, are now left wondering how they will provide. Warehouses, factories, and stores have been closed down which means no work for so many. Unlike in America there is no Social Security system, there is no government relief checks, and from a human standpoint that brings about a sense of hopelessness and fear. 

But God….

We’ve been able to visit, pray for, present the gospel to, and feed over 100 families by God’s grace and provision. As we move forward in the school, we have identified many more opportunities ahead of us to show the people of North Baja the God has not forgot them, He sees them, and He cares about their situation. More than anything we need your prayers as we step out in this venture of faith to be the hands and feet of Jesus. As well as, there is an opportunity to financially partner with us to meet both physical and spiritual needs of those devastated by Covid. CLICK HERE God demonstrated His love for us through the cross of Christ. He didn’t just tell us He loves us, He showed us, and we have had the opportunity to not only tell people of the love of God but to show them. 

Thank you for partnering with us however the Lord leads you.