Mental and Physical Torture for Attending Church – Pastor 11 Update March 2024

Dear Pastors, Leaders, Partners and Church Families!

Greetings to all of you from my church and family. I will always be thankful to you for continuing to pray for and encourage us to do the Lord’s work with even more enthusiasm. You always meet the needs of our ministry. May God bless you all.

Mental and Physical Torture for Attending Church

To stop her from coming to church, a woman from my church’s husband slapped her four-five times and pulled her by the hair, pulling out two handfuls of hair from her head.

I want to share with you the testimony of a woman who has been attending our church for about 2 years. She is the only believer in her entire lineage. Her name is S*. She is always eager to learn the words of the Lord.

In February of last year, a team from the central government and people from the media went to her house. After that, they also came to our house. Thanks be to God and I also thank you for your prayers — they did not file any false case against us (for doing Christian ministry). At that time, S* was scolded by a lot by the people of the village. The police and people from the media made various allegations against us and put a lot of pressure on S* to give false testimony against us. But she remained steadfast in her faith and continued praying.

Two weeks ago, when she was at our church, her husband was worked up by the villagers against Christ and her. When she reached home, her husband started slapping her. He said, “If you do not leave Jesus Christ, I will kill you! I will get this out of my house.” After that, he pulled her by her hair and threw her out of the house.

She kept crying and praying. She told her husband, “Whether you kill me or destroy me, I will not leave the Lord Jesus Christ.” While sleeping at night, her husband kept an ax under his pillow and said, “If my wife comes to the house, I will cut her down.”

While she stayed at a friends house, through prayer, God gave peace to her husband’s heart. He then allowed her to come home again. I thank God that he has given us such believers in our church who are ready to lose their husband, family, and society and even die for the sake of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I cannot send the photo of this woman because the women here feel very uncomfortable getting photographed. A lot of fake news is being spread on social media saying that we send photos of people and ask for money but then spend it on ourselves. People also say that people convert people to another religion by sending their photos and asking for money. That is why I plan to send you only group photos.

Here are some photos of our recent outreaches. They were in my friend’s phone, so I was not able to send them in my previous newsletter.

Thanksgiving Points

  1. Thank God that I was able to reopen the churches that had been closed earlier because of the government, and that we were able to open them safely. 
  2. Thank God that our institution has started again. 
  3. Thanks be to God, people are moving forward in the Lord despite physical and mental persecution. 
  4. Thank God for keeping me, my family and my parents safe. 

Prayer Requests:

  1. Please pray continuously for our safety. 
  2. Please pray for our college friends who believe in Jesus, may God protect them from the coming suffering. 
  3. Please pray that God may provide land for a cemetery for Christ’s people. 
  4. Please pray that peace can be established between the Hindus and Muslims. There are riots during every Hindu festival which cause the internet to be shut down for three or four days. 
  5. Please pray for a 22 year old paralyzed boy in our church. About 60 to 70% of his body is paralyzed. May God heal him completely
  6. Please pray for my sister’s wedding on May 16th. May God fulfill every need for this.

Thank you for your prayers, support and for sharing in the Gospel.

God bless you all.

Pastor & Mrs. 11*

*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.