Living for Christ- Pastor 9 Update May 2023

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

I thank God for you all as you continue to pray for me and support me financially.

I am doing good by God’s grace. Right now, we are having summer break for the Bible Institute students. They have finished their first year, and have one more year left to complete the Bible Institute. It gets really hot here in the summer. The temperature usually gets up to 110⁰ F during the day, so its really hard to go outside in the afternoon this time of year. Therefore, we have a longer summer break than winter break. In the winter the students only get a 2-3 week break.

During this past school year, I have seen all of the students grow so much in their knowledge of the Word and in their knowledge of the Lord. Some of them already had good Bible knowledge, while some did not even know how to read or write properly. But by the end of the school year, with our continued efforts and by His grace, I rejoice to see all of them doing really well. I see that this knowledge of the Word has caused them to love the Lord even more as they spend more time praying and studying the Word by themselves. They also have the heart to reach out to their friends and family members who are not saved. I believe that right now they are witnessing to them as they are back in their homes. I am in touch with them through phone calls.

I have also been teaching children (above) from the Bible each week for over a year. I am blessed to have this opportunity to lead them in their spiritual journey while most of their friends are enjoying a worldly life. They love the Lord. I am so glad that they do not give in to peer pressure as they stand for the Lord and live out what they have been learning.

A few weeks ago, I was invited to preach at a medical college’s chapel in my city. The topic of my message was “Living for Christ”. I had a positive response from the students. There were about 40 students. They told me that they were really blessed by the good solid teaching of the Word. They told me that most of the teaching that they hear is prosperity teachings. At the end, the student leader thanked me saying, “Thank you for presenting the truth without sugarcoating it.” A few of them told me that they would love to visit my church so I gave them the address. I plan to follow up with them and get in touch with them.

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray that I continue to grow in my spiritual life and the knowledge of God.
  • Please pray that I will be used mightily by God.
  • Please pray for the Bible school students. May God use them right now as they share the Gospel with their friends and family during this summer break.
  • Please pray for the children and teenagers of my city with whom I am involved. May they stand firm in their faith at this age when Satan tries to distract them.


Pastor 9

* Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.