Just Like That…

…Another month has flown by! October was a bit of a slow month in the office as we focused on a lot of the usual tasks without the added workload of planning mission trips due to the continued shutdown. Although we in the office are not going far or long for the foreseeable future (we do have a little trip up our sleeves!), we are helping some of our missionaries move around! 

Travels in Spite of COVID

The Aniku family who serve in Uganda were able to fly home after being here for the last 10 or 11 months. When the globe shut down they were in the States on furlough and have been unable to travel back to Uganda until now! We are excited to see how the Lord used their time in the States to help them prepare for a new season of ministry and to see Him bring them back to their mission field in His perfect timing.

The Harris Family

We had the privilege of hosting the Harris Family for one week this month during their furlough. It was so refreshing to fellowship with them and get to know their family. They were able to travel to the States in spite of the lockdowns and have been traveling around to visit with family and supporters. We were blessed to receive a week of their time! They have also just welcomed their fourth child, Charlotte Hope, into the world! Please keep them in your prayers as well.

This month we also managed the funds to allow our newest missionary in Mexico, Hassan Villegas, and a team of leaders from his church to travel to a leaders conference in Northern Mexico. It was so exciting to see God provide the funds and to hear the feedback as his team was blessed, equipped, and refreshed. 

That little trip I alluded to will be taking place on November 6th as we take a group of our youth down to Rosarito for a two-night mission trip. We will be helping with some COVID relief in the outlying community and we are excited for the opportunity to show the students what life is like in a culture not quite as secure as ours yet just 3 hours south of us. Please keep this trip and our youth in your prayers.

Other News

In other news, Isaac and I are excited to announce that we are expecting a baby in May 2021! Please keep us all in your prayers- that the baby would grow healthy and strong, that the pregnancy would be smooth and risk free, and that the Lord would prepare Isaac and me to be parents. 

Thank you!

Praise Report

I had the opportunity to meet up with a girl from the running club one-on-one and pray with her, talk about what God is doing in her life, and advise her on how to handle a situation. That was the hope for the running club, that the Lord would use it to build relationships to allow for further discipleship opportunities with the youth. Praise God!

May God bless and keep you in all of your ways.