Interpreting a Dream! (And More of God’s Moving in Peru)

Adam Fulmizi, Peru Fall 2022 Update 1

Men of CBI Peru

“She was screaming out in demonic voices.” Marlin in, a sister who comes to the English home group through Calvary Trujillo, told us about a dream she had recently. “In the dream, I had lost my son,” she said, speaking about the 4 or 5-year-old she raises as a single mother. “And as I found Him, I saw this lady with demonic voices screaming out.” Marlin had already explained that in the dream, she had seen a multitude of many children bowing down to a statue of a child with no eyes.

With people from the English group (Marlini is on the very right)

Every Tuesday, our English home group/bible study meets to discuss the message from the former Sunday. The passage we studied was Romans 12, and we discussed ways that we might be tempted to conform to the world. This is when Marlin shared about the influences around us, such as social media, TV, and phones explaining how her son is susceptible to these as well. As she was sharing about her dream, I was prompted by the Spirit with scriptural ideas to tell Marlin how she needs to protect her son as he is growing up with the enemy saying in many voices to live a certain way.

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”


Now, this had never happened to me before. I’ve never been used to interpreting a dream. Although this was a very simple idea that our sister had to hear (be more saturated in the word of God with your family), it brings up an important truth about dreams today. Dreams or visions will never contradict what God has said in His word. If you have a dream telling you to worship a Lord other than Jesus, write new scripture, or murder someone, guess what? It’s not from Jesus.

CBI Peru Fall 2022 students, interns, and staff

The English group is one of many things the church at Calvary Trujillo is doing to reach and train others with the word of God. It’s a blessing to watch what God is doing here as an intern at the church and the Calvary Bible Institute (CBI). At the institute, there are students from all over South America, Mexico, and the States here to grow in the world of God! It’s been a joy to meet and grow closer each day to everyone at the bible institute campus.

With some guys right before Church Planting Class

Another way Calvary Trujillo is training the saints with the word is through the church planting class that meets every Monday night: I get to be a student in this class that has people from the bible institute and members from the church. We practice giving a 15-minute massage and receive teachings from Pastor Cory (the lead pastor of Calvary Trujillo, whom you can read more about in the last update), or a visiting pastor. This is a wonderful opportunity for me to keep growing in bible and ministry knowledge. Calvary Trujillo, God willing, will send out their FIRST church plant in November during a missions conference! Please pray for Angel and Yeni, the couple preparing to start that church.

Praying before sharing the Gospel!

Christians can’t be trained up in the word of God until they get saved, meaning that we have to keep preaching the Gospel! Along with helping in the kitchen, worship ministry, and being in classes, I also get to be a part of our weekly evangelism group. Right as we started sharing at the plaza (pictured above), there was a giant group of thirty-some people from a cult called “Mother God” that showed up. They were there to share the doctrines of demons as we were sharing the light with others. Whether it that Mormonism or Catholicism, there are plenty of religions and cults here in Peru without true saving faith in Jesus. Please pray that God would use humble ministries like Calvary Peru to share the truth and love of Christ. Both in the country and all of South America!

Fellowshipping at church

I have much more I could share about culture shock, movings of God, and testimonies from the saints here, but I hope this gives you a good picture of what our Lord is doing in Peru. I am so honored and thankful to be your window into how God is moving in South America. I pray you are blessed with these stories. All that God is doing through us is your spiritual fruit! Thank you!
For His Eternal Kingdom,
Adam Fulmizi

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    • For Marlini to be encouraged and stay strong in the word of God
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Giving a morning devo for the students at CBI Peru
Giving a morning devo for the students at CBI Peru