I Cried Unto the Lord

Thank you all, dear family in Christ. for your prayers and support.
The first month of this new year started with a test in our family and in our spiritual life.
As you all know, the month of December was fully packed with a lot of things and busy schedules. I thought that in this new year we could take a break and rest before we started new plans for this year and what God has for his people.

Our New Baby 

As you all know, my wife was due to have a baby on Feb 24th. But, all of a sudden, in her 8th month, her blood pressure got really high and her face and hands swelled up. This was on the 31st of December. I was praying, “Dear God, What is happening?” 
So, we rushed to the hospital. The doctor checked her blood pressure. It was 150/100. She was admitted into the hospital for observation. As they were giving her medication, her blood pressure went higher. They kept her in the hospital for 7 days. But, the treatment did not help her blood pressure, its just keep getting higher. Finally, her blood pressure reached 180/122. 
The baby was not getting any nutrients from her mother because there was a placenta problem. Doctors said they would have to abort the baby so that they could save the mother. But, I prayed,”God, You know what is happening. I know you are in control even in the difficult times.” I was looking to God and trusting Him that He is able to save my baby and my wife. 
The next morning, everything was ready for a C-section to try to save my wife. The doctors thought that there was no way that our baby would survive. The hospital took a video of my wife and I, together, saying that the hospital would not be responsible if anything happened to the baby or to the mother. 
When the doctors were saying these things, I thought, “My God, who I serve and worship, is so powerful He can raise people from the dead. He will protect and He is able.” 
Everyone was crying outside, but I heard God saying, “Stay still and see what I can do.” 
They did the C-Section and took out the baby. They were shocked to see that our baby was moving and crying!!! So, they called an ambulance to transfer her to another hospital that was 45 minutes away. For about 4 weeks she was in an incubator. 
The nurses who were taking care of our baby said, “Your baby is not drinking milk properly. She will only drink 5ml instead of 25ml.” I prayed, “Dear God, what is happening now?” Then, again, God reminded me, “I am watching over your baby. Do not worry.” So, I thought, “Yes, God.” 
The next day, the doctors called us and said, “Your baby’s blood levels say that there is infection in her blood.” I shared this with our friends and pastors to ask them to pray. Then, God reminded me again, “I did not bring her this far to stop now. Wait and see.” 2 days later, her blood test results came back normal! I was so amazed to see the works of God! This January was full of amazing things our family was able to see.

“Behold, I will do a new thing,Now it shall spring forth;
Shall you not know it?
I will even make a road in the wilderness
And rivers in the desert.”Isa 43:19.
“Instead of your shame you shall have double honor,
And instead of confusion they shall rejoice in their portion.
Therefore in their land they shall possess double;
Everlasting joy shall be theirs.”
Isa 61:7.

God spoke to us through His Word and strengthened us. I believe through this God has taught us many things. To trust Him no matter what situation we are in. Prayer has power. I believe God is preparing our hearts for greater things about to come for His glory.
Thank you to all who supported us financially to pay for the medical bills. I am really thankful to have such a great family in Christ who loves us and prays for us. I’m really thankful to Pastor Bond and Heather for standing with us during these hard times. We are also thankful to Pastor Aaron, Pastor Trent and our SGWM family for praying for and encouraging us. To all of you who prayed for us, I am really thankful to God for your hearts. We love you and thank you for covering us in prayer.
Now our baby is safe and healthy! She is gaining weight, and my wife is also safe and healthy by the grace of God.

Prayer requests: 

  • Please pray for the Bible school in in my city. In the 3rd week of the month of March, we are planning to start our Bible school. Please pray for wisdom and for the students.
  • Please pray for our church. We are planning to start new cell groups (Bible studies) in different locations in our state.

Thank You,
Pastor 6* Family
*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.