Hurricane Otis Happened – Villegas Update March 2024

We have never seen anything like this before. The category 5 hurricane left Acapulco looking completely apocalyptic. Not one inch was spared throughout the entire city. We went weeks upon weeks without power, water, gasoline, internet, drivable streets, grocery stores, and more. Our church building had all of its walls ripped out; our 3-ton A.C. units went flying like a piece of paper. At home, the sliding glass door to our bedroom was shattered and the storm flooded our apartment with rainwater, dirt, and broken glass. We are still processing this traumatic event and trying to return to normal. However, it will be something that those of us who went through it will never forget.

Before Otis and after Otis


Acapulco’s biggest need is salvation!! This was the perfect opportunity to share Jesus with our community. With the help of Samaritan’s Purse, we were able to open our doors at the church and be a hub that offers daily meals, give out boxes of food, purified water, medicine, and of course the gospel at every turn. We have also seen an influx of people coming to our Sunday service for the last two months. The hurricane relief put us on the map. It’s always during the dark times when Jesus shines the brightest. Our missionary Lili did an amazing job finding those most in need. So many communities were left by themselves with no government help so when we stepped in, we were received very well. The children were surrounded by disaster and to relieve them we brought games, toys, and a Christian clown who also taught about Jesus. Everything was incredible. The Lord truly blessed us! Lili is also a Saving Grace Missionary.

Things are starting to take shape. By the grace of God and your generous donations, our church building is coming together once again. Our walls have been replaced, we got new A.C. units, the nursing mother’s room has been rebuilt, and much more. All this was done with the help of many Calvary Chapel churches from the U.S. and Mexico. There are too many to name but we are forever grateful and we pray that the Lord richly blesses you all in return. On a side note, the owner of the building has put the property up for sale once again. We all love our church location and building. We have looked high and low for other buildings but nothing compares. Our prayer is that we can come into an agreement with the owner and he lowers the price. Its a church planting factory with so much to give. We believe the Lord continues to do miracles. Please pray!

Calvary Chapel Iguala

The doors have officially opened to our last church plant. There is a great need in this city and we are praying many would come to know the Lord through Pastor Julio and his wife Carla. We are still in the process of getting the building ready with everything that they need. Thankfully the rent has been paid for the year. Only God can do those things. For the time being we will continue to equip our leaders and send them out. The door is open.

Villegas Family Update

Our family is growing. Our son Noah just got engaged and will soon be married (another young lady from Acapulco). We are ecstatic with this new addition. Keyla is an amazing girl who loves the Lord. She is serving at our church in multimedia. Our eldest son Elijah was recently promoted to senior airman in the Airforce and his wife Bianca finally received her permanent resident status that we have been praying for. Micah is still living in Ensenada serving in Horizonte Fellowship. He leads the youth study and God is using him greatly there.

Stacy and I just started a much-needed marriage study with our church. We have around 25 couples in attendance that are hungry for the Word. Please keep this in your prayers as we know the enemy loves to divide and attack marriages. We completely trust in Jehovah-Jireh. He has always taken care of our needs. Starting in April we will be losing some of our support. It was a big help so please keep us in your prayers that God would continue to provide as we serve.

Villegas Family Support