Hungry for the Word of God

Last month, I had the opportunity to teach IBS at a small conference (left) in the East. People are hungry for the Word of God in such places of our country. The gospel is being preached and churches are being planted. Meanwhile, because of the lack of trained leaders, the churches are not being well fed and matured. 

As I was there, I was moved by hearing the testimonies of church leaders. The leaders go across the border from time to time into another country. There they attend some sort of seminar. They teach what they learned to their churches a for couple of months and then repeat the same thing again. That is how the churches are being taught. There is really a need for the correct teaching of the Word. 

We had a wonderful meeting with the church leaders of the area. We also talked about Bible college recruitment and planning an IBS conference in the future.

We also had a great time to visiting, hearing testimonies, encouraging and praying for the believers of a church plant in another area (left). 

We had a children’s talent show (right) at our church. The children are growing and it is great to see them performing their talents for the Lord.


Prakash & Muna and Eutychus