How Moments Change Eternity (Jungle Ministry Part One)

Kids in San Rafael

“Why do you bother sharing your faith with others? You can’t change someone’s mind in one conversation.” Have you ever heard this comment or one like it? It’s a common arrow from the enemy to keep us from impacting others for eternity. “You can’t change someones mind in a moment.” “You can’t effect someone’s religion or beliefs over dinner.” These are lies from Satan. Think about Jesus with the woman at the well. How long was that conversation? Ten, fifteen minutes? We aren’t sure, but we know it was a simple interaction. Not only was she changed, but her whole town was changed forever.

“Many Samaritans from that town believed in him because of the woman’s testimony…”

JOHN 4:39A

Through my two trips to the jungle, I was reminded how the Spirit can work powerfully in a single moment. He can work through you and I to radically change a person’s attitude, perceptions, and even eternal destiny in mere seconds. Would you please take a second. Stop reading this. And pray that God would remind you of this truth as you read these stories? Pray He would remind you how powerful a single moment with a precious soul can be. Let’s see what a moment can do.

Team praying in front of the school in San Rafael

Imagine the negative response of a public school in California to, “Can we come to your class for an hour or so to do Bible skits, share the gospel, and play games with the kids?” Yet, when we asked in the Jungle community of San Rafael, we were more than welcomed! We took over three different classrooms and had an amazing time being a light to the future of this community. Think about how many of these kids will grow up to know something about the Lord and perhaps even follow him because of this short and powerful moment we had.

Gospel Skit for Kids in San Rafael
Bible Skit for kids in San Rafael

“You’re different than other mission teams.” One of the teachers told us, “A lot of them don’t do stuff with the kids, but with you guys, I feel the presence of God.” We encouraged one of the teachers to come to the local church service that night and she did! There are many churches near San Rafael, but so many of them have legalistic or heretical doctrine. This teacher had not been coming to church because she was taught the idea that if she came to church wearing pants-she would not be welcomed. I don’t know the entire situation and it is not wrong for a church to have a dress code, but we are to receive those who are seeking Jesus no matter their appearance. Praise God that we were able to show her the love of Jesus and connect her with a church that she is able to attend.

“And if you pay attention to the one who wears the fine clothing and say, “You sit here in a good place,” while you say to the poor man, “You stand over there,” or, “Sit down at my feet,” have you not then made distinctions among yourselves and become judges with evil thoughts?”

JAMES 2:3-4

Calvary Trujillo has a good connection with San Rafael’s leader and Pastor, Alfredo. Multiple people in my team of nine were there three months prior. “Alfredo has grown so much in his teaching,” “That person and that person weren’t coming to church but now they are!” “The kids remembered the dance moves we taught them last time!” “A man we evangelized to on the last trip is now coming to church.” These were some of the reports my fellow teammates were giving as they saw the fruit from the first trip. The kids even remembered many names of the people they had met who weren’t with us this time. The team that went three months ago was only in San Rafael for three days. Isn’t it amazing to consider how much impact was made from that short time?

Community of San Rafael
Youth conference in pucallpa

Two weeks prior, five-hundred plus miles away from Moyobamba, over 100 teenagers gathered to be taught from the Word and grown in the faith. Five different churches gathered their youth together at Calvary Chapel Fidelidad in Pucallpa. The theme was “Esfuérzate y se valiente” (Be strong and courageous). Different pastors and teachers from Peru and the States taught multiple bible stories of sinners who relied on the strength of their Lord. What a great message for the youth in the jungle to hear! We can remember a time the Lord moved powerfully in our hearts and minds during a conference or retreat. We cannot know the fruit of a short weekend with Jesus until eternity. I am excited to see what God does with the youth in Pucallpa.

Youth praying together during the conference

Never forget that you can influence someone for Jesus and eternity through a moment. In the jungle, there are now kids who will understand the gospel or a Bible story better from a moment. There are men and women now following Jesus and going to church from a moment. There are youth more on fire for the Lord and repentant of their sin from a moment. These moments happened because you sent us. Praise Jesus for His work that you and I get to partner in! These moments will come in our life and God wants to continue to work in them through us to change people for eternity. The question for you and I is, “Will we let Him?”

For His Eternal Kingdom, 

Adam Fulmizi

Lord willing, I will write soon more about Moyobamba, San Rafael, and Pucallpa. I am excited to share exactly how God is using His church to reach those who don’t know Him!

Praise Reports/ Prayer Requests

  • Praise Reports
    • Being able to share the gospel and be a light in San Rafael
    • Safe travels and stays in Pucallpa and Moyobamba
    • The Lord growing connections within his Church
  • Prayer Requests
    • For the children of San Rafael to grow up strong in the Lord
    • For Pastor Alfredo’s ministering in the jungle
    • The Youth in Pucallpa
    • Patience and knowledge in language and cultural learning

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Beautiful Jungle View near city in San Rafael!