His Way Is Perfect

Hello Team,

I cannot believe a month has already gone by!

The most happy experience that God gave us as a family this month is a few of our friends visiting my house to check on my Mom. We had a good worship and prayer time together. My mother was so happy that they came all of the way from a different state to see her. My family and I have been refreshed by their presence. They encouraged us by saying that we all are not alone in this because hundreds of saints are praying for us.
I had to take a few weeks break from the current semester because my mother had low oxygen levels once again and was suffering from severe back pain. She was admitted into the hospital once again for a couple of days. There are so many blood tests, scans, doctors fees and ambulance expenses that I had to go through once again.
When I took a break for my Mom, God gave me an opportunity to teach in a different church (left) which is very far from my hometown. The pastor, who is serving there, asked me to come again for a little longer next time. He wants to gather pastors and believers from different places so they can receive knowledge from the Word of God. He said to me, “Brother, the students who are getting trained under you, will gain tremendous knowledge from the Word of God.” There are so many other things that he shared with me, but that one single statement caught my attention.
I thought, “If people are really learning when God is using me, why shouldn’t I try this in my hometown?” I have thought about this before, but not about starting a specific structure. I truly got inspired and started to ask God what is His next step for me.

It is a happy feeling to come back to the students again. Teaching them, investing the Word of God in them, seeing them grow, getting to know them and building friendships with them–it is all beautiful!

Please continue to remember my mother in your prayers. Please pray that she will be able to breathe on her own without needing oxygen. Mom has been on oxygen for nine months. Pray that God will heal her lungs and alveoli, and increase her lung capacity.

On other note, please pray that God would start a new work with me. Wherever I go to teach and preach, God always speaks to people’s hearts through His Word. I do have a burden for my city and for my hometown where I was born and grew up. Pray that I will reach people and different pastors in the area and start building relationships with them, to start what God has for me in His will.
Love you all! Thank you for the valuable responses from some of you. I am truly blessed and comforted by them.
God bless,Pastor 7*
*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.