Here am I. Send me! – Solorzano Update January 2024

Happy New Year fam! I’m praying the Lord continues to shine His face upon you this year and may His peace + love overflow in your life and to those around you. The year ended on a small bump, but it started off with a great blessing.

Yes, use me for Your glory
Oh God
Here am I, send me
Yes, pick me up and write Your story

10/40 Window- 3.28 billion Unreached people

Nothing is Impossible

Okay- now to the good news! I still am speechless and in awe, however, I want to share the past couple of weeks with y’all. It was a rough last week of the year- falling into doubt and unbelief and questioning the decision to continue in Missions Training School. I started feeling anxious about my finances and I decided to take matter in my own hands (never a good thing). I applied for jobs and immediately after, I felt convicted. Not because applying for jobs is bad, it’s great, I still have a job. However- that is not what God wanted me to do. I prayed, I confessed, and I asked the Lord to open a door- whether more hours coaching, or another client. And He did just that- He heard my cry for help and He answered me.

A couple days later, I was studying at my favorite coffee shop, studying God’s Word, reflecting on His faithfulness + kindness, when I notice I received a donation to the Mission’s account. I opened it, and I was speechless. Someone from my church family donated $1000. I couldn’t believe it. I immediately started to weep, give praises to God, and ask Him how He wanted me to faithfully steward His money. That is when I heard, “Japan.” “No way, that’s impossible,” were my next words. Right after, I heard His still small voice, “nothing is impossible with me.” Thankfully, I don’t have access to that account or else I would’ve bought my plane ticket right then and there, but it allowed me to pray for God’s will to be done and for Him to show me confirmation that this was actually from Him. And God is so faithful to do just that!

I was in San Clemente finishing up training my good friend Leslie, when she tells me she has something for me. She asked me if I wanted a box of candies that her Chinese sister-in-law had given her. They weren’t just any kind of candies. Yup, you guessed it… Japanese candies. I was in awe- yet again. I opened the box and inside was a reminder, the title of my last post’s newsletter, Be Bold! And after speaking to the Missions and Senior Pastor, I got the yes to go to Japan for two weeks! All glory to God!

Next Steps

On January 29th, we will be heading down with a small team to Tokyo for one week and Osaka for another week. We will be coming alongside a missionary couple moving to Japan! It is such a blessing to be able to be a part of this new journey with them, to be in prayer with them, and to be able to serve them in any way needed. We will be visiting churches in the local areas, getting to know the people, and embracing the culture.

The goal of this trip is to seek the Lord for His guidance, to pray for the country, and to be led by His Spirit. After two weeks in Japan, we will also be heading to Indonesia for one week. Here we will be visiting local churches and also serving alongside current missionaries there. Lastly, we will be heading to the Philippines for a Pastors and Leaders conference, as well as visit an orphanage.

“Speak, Your Servant Hears”

I pray this is a testimony you needed to hear today- of not only God’s faithfulness and provision, but also of His kindness and goodness. He is so patient and gracious with us when He calls us to serve Him. He doesn’t just call us once, He continues to call us and draws us in closer and closer to Him.

I want to ask you… are you heeding His call? Are you opening your ears to hearing from Him? Are you, like Samuel, replying- “Speak, Lord, Your servant hears,” (1 Samuel 3:10) when He calls? Are you open and willing to go wherever? I had to truthfully ask myself all those questions again.

To be honest with you, I had my own plans. I had my own path laid out for where I wanted to go and how that was going to come about. Through this whole process, these past couple of weeks, God kept reminding me to be available and willing. To remain in a state of complete surrender. To believe and trust that HIS ways are better, not mine. I pray the same for you today, may you also FULLY surrender to His will in your life- may HIS will be done.

Praise Reports

  • God continues to show me His faithfulness & how HE is going to provide! He is Jehovah Jireh!
  • God continues to strengthen our gifts through Missions Training School & continues to equip and prepare us for full-time missions work.
  • God is SO good- I am officially a Calvary South OC Missionary!!!

Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for the Women’s Conference next week- I will be sharing my testimony- may the Lord speak through me!
  • Please keep Alishia & Jeff, missionaries moving to Japan, in your prayers- for protection, for guidance and for provision.
  • Please keep our team heading to Japan, Indonesia, and Philippines in your prayers- may we seek the Lord and hear His still small voice.
  • Please pray for the team moving to the Middle East! May the Lord protect them and bless them.
Painting candles with the girls at the Widow’s Brunch.

I am still in awe. Never in a million years would I have told you I would be doing what I am doing, but I am truly honored to be a part of what God is doing here on earth. I want to thank you, even more, from the bottom of my heart for your faithful partnership in the gospel- both through prayer and financial support. It is because of your obedience, what God has placed on your heart, that any of this is even possible. I am nothing without my church family. I am eternally grateful for you all.

To the glory and praise of God,

Mayra Alejandra