Has God Forgotten those in need? (Uganda Update!)

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Uganda, June 2022

The child in this photo should not be smiling. He was one of the hundreds of refugee children we spent time with in Uganda. I went up to him, picked him up, and carried him around for a while. He didn’t speak English, but I said slowly, “Jesus…loves…you.” He would copy it back to me.

After spending time with him, I had an older kid translate for my new friend. “Does he have any family?” the older boy asked me. “Yes, he has a family.” “Where are his parents?” he asked me. “They are gone; he is an orphan here with his brothers.”

Refugee kids

It’s a lot of fun running around with these children: they’ll copy you, listen to you, sing with you, and dance with you. But when you take a moment to realize that this boy’s story is probably common among this group of children, the seemingly hopeless reality hits you. Is there hope for children like this?

Many “churches” in Uganda are not faithful to Jesus. They don’t teach the Bible, they take money from the poorest among them, and they do it all in the name of God. Is there a way my new friend from Uganda can grow up to truly know his Creator?

If we started sitting with one of them, many others would gather!

I am more than grateful to tell you that when we see people in such great need, there is indeed great hope. God has not forgotten them. Going into the Uganda trip, I had two goals for our team. First, preach the gospel and love people like Jesus. This is where we can see the immediate effects: children smile, and people give their life to Jesus and thank us for praying with them. Then, there is the less visible goal: Encourage, refresh, and equip the long-term Christians in Uganda. This is what will have a lasting impact on people like my new friend.

Calvary Chapel Mbarara City

The most impactful change is going to come from those representing Jesus long-term day in and day out in Uganda. We were able to go alongside such works through Calvary Chapel Mbarara City. We hosted a conference there for pastors in the area. According to the local pastor, Chris, they had “never” had a conference like that in this part of Uganda.

The pastors were hungry for the word of God and extremely receptive. One pastor (who was not from a Calvary Chapel) was even convicted about his lack of faithful teaching of the word of God and told Pastor Chris, “I have been so wrong on doctrines, I want to become a Calvary Chapel now.”

Gifting Bibles to Pastors from the conference

These pastors represent whole congregations in areas like the one my new friend is from. Can you imagine an orphaned refugee coming with his brothers into a church that wants to do nothing but take advantage of him and steal from him? Imagine that same child, now being fed the word of God properly through a healthy church. Without a father, being told, there is a father in Heaven that loves him. Without clean clothes, being told, there is a savior who clothes him in perfect righteousness. In much need questioning if God has forgotten him, a powerful God bending down and saying to this boy, “I will never forget you.” This is why we go. This is why you sent us. This is more than spending a day with an orphan; this is how we will see more people together worshipping God with us for all eternity.

“But God will never forget the needy; the hope of the afflicted will never perish.”


I plan to share more stories from Uganda and my upcoming trip to Peru. But for now, thank you for your support and prayers for the whole Uganda team and me. All you read in this letter is YOUR spiritual fruit.
For His eternal Kingdom,
Adam Fulmizi

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(Most of) The Uganda team with the church outside the refugee camp.