Harris Update September 2023

I perceived that there is nothing better for them than to be joyful and to do good as long as they live; also that everyone should eat and drink and take pleasure in all his toil – this is God’s gift to man.


Matt teaching at the Terebinth school in Adak

Life has not slowed down much since moving into the city two months ago. The Terebinth School of Discipleship is still proceeding with its study week, class week, and off weeks each month. Church and extra ministry opportunities continue to find their way onto the calendar with seldom any pictures to remember them by, but loads of praise because of what God is doing. Homeschooling has taken a slightly different look now that we have a schoolhouse to separate the noise of housework, meetings, and phone calls. On a typical day, I (Noelle) can lead each of the four schooling children through the state-required subjects and probably give them an extra-curricular lesson by lunch at 1 p.m. Of course, life itself is the classroom of our family.

The Reading Hour. Noelle, seated below, is helping the younger kids form letters.

We are still trying to balance what our schedule should look like now that drive time is not an issue and that our family has had good health these past two months; with our only case of malaria being Matt, after he had spent a night in Adak. Since moving to town, we have had many invitations to serve, organize programs, join group activities, and other events. We carefully consider each one. A few that we have added to our schedule have been a weekly Reading Hour for neighbors of all ages, hosted by our director’s family next door, and supplemental reading help as often as possible during play hours. These and Matt’s new college schedule are enough to fill the cracks of time freed up by our lack of sickness. As we settle here in town, work in the ministry, and get involved in our new community, we pray that our roles and commitment in each area will continue to deepen, develop, and produce fruit for the Lord. We are excited for this season of growth for our family.

A group of villagers attending a crusade. Matt assisted in some of the preaching.

Praise God that:

– Our family has enjoyed a new season of health.

– We discovered a gluten intolerance in Noelle, which was the source of many physical discomforts and even emotional challenges.

– We have started good relationships with some of our new neighbors.

Please pray with us over the following:

-These new relationships with our neighbors, that God would use us as a light for them, that they would see Him and be drawn to His salvation.

-The many new opportunities to serve and reach others, that God would lead and strengthen us for any good work He has for us.

-Omony Felix, a young student in the Terebinth School, suddenly passed away this week due to kidney failure. Please keep his family in your prayers.

In Christ,

Matt, Noelle & Family

We got to take a visiting American family to our favorite playground.
Celebrating our 10 Year Wedding Anniversary (our Family’s Birthday, as our kids call it).