Harris Family April 2024 Update

Therefore, we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God were making an appeal through us; we beg you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God.

A picture Matt took of Murchison Falls, the most powerful waterfall in the world!

Last fall, a prominent member of our community was brought to our church, Calvary Chapel Gulu, by his son, who is a faithful member of the congregation. The man, Walter, had recently had a land dispute with his neighbor and suspected that his neighbor had put some sort of curse on him because of mysterious noises which he claimed were following him and which he had not been able to identify or expel. He came to the church as a last resort to rid himself of whatever spirit may be disturbing him. Matt was able to preach the gospel to him and prayed that if the noises were a result of something spiritual, he would look to Jesus, but if not, they would go away, and the glory would belong to Jesus. That day, a monitor lizard fell from his roof into his living quarters and was chased out. The sounds stopped. The man returned to the church looking for Matt a few weeks later, only to find he was not around. Instead, our senior pastor, Fred, met with him. Walter claimed that birds were beginning to follow him. He thought that Matt had some secret spiritual power to chase away these spirits. Pastor Fred explained that it was not Matt’s own power but that real power is found in Jesus Christ. He prayed with him, and the birds left. Walter came to church for Sunday service that week and got saved. He invited the pastors to go and preach to his household. They also turned to the Lord. Glory to God!

Walter with some of his family after a Sunday home fellowship!

We are happy to report that Walter is now a faithful member of the church and is walking with the Lord. He even hosts a fellowship every month in his home. We have even seen God bring significant improvement to the health of one of Walter’s children, who is epileptic. We are continually blessed to see God pour out His Spirit on the willing, and fill the homes where the doors are opened to Him. Please pray for Walter as he leads his family in the Word so that he will remain humble, sit in God’s presence, and grow in Christ. Pray for Walter’s family, that they would continue in the grace of the Lord, that they would be rooted in the truth of His Word, and that the Spirit would use them to reach their extended family and the community.

Our family’s bus ride to the Panel in Kampala.

In other news, in March, we were able to travel to Kampala for adoption purposes. We are still in the official fostering period. Still, we were required to sit before the National Alternative Care Panel, which reviewed our case and interviewed our family, as well as Cynthia’s biological parents. There was stress involved in the travel and the waiting period before our turn to sit before the panel, but otherwise, it was a peaceful event. Understandably, there is often pressure and tension between the adoptive family and the biological family, if present. But we have been blessed to remove a vulnerable child from a dangerous situation, to assist in raising a child whose parents had given up hope on living, and to turn a very broken situation into a hopeful one. Over the last few years, we have been able to witness to both of her parents, and as of November last year, both have repented and turned to the Lord. We can now walk in agreement regarding the future of their daughter, our daughter, Cynthia. When we went to Kampala with them, there was no fear, tension, or feelings of belittlement on either side. We pray that as their shame is covered by the love of Christ, they can stand up and lead the rest of their family in righteousness.

Our family, with two social workers conducting a report.

And He who sits on the throne said, “Behold, I am making all things new.”

Emma’s 9th birthday party!
In Christ,
Matt, Noelle, Apiyo, Emma, Madeline, Noah & Charlotte
A wedding our kids conducted at our house:)