Gunderson’s May Newsletter

Hello Friends and Family,

We wanted to give you an update of what has been going on here in Banos Del Inca in May. We will send a new one in the next few weeks showing the month of June and July.

  • Belen Ministry: Along with our every other week visits we also did a few events with the Belen Orphanage.In May with the help of our church members and a good friend of ours from Lima we were able to throw a children’s festival for the girls.





  • Women’s Ministry:

For Mother’s Day we had our first annual ladies tea party. It was a very blessed time for the women of our church and some friends from other local churches. All the women had never experienced a tea party before, so it was fun to see the big smiles on their faces. Natalia taught the story of Mary and Martha.  How to put our priorities in order. Before anything, serving Jesus comes first. Natalia did a great job teaching to over 50 women.






We are thrilled to announce that we have officially started Awanas in Cajamarca. This is the first Awanas program here in this northern part of Peru. Natalia and I are now official Awanas international members as both missionaries and as a church. This will allow for us to start other Awanas Programs here in Peru. At our inauguration of Awanas we had 25 kids. It was a lot of fun! The staff loves Awanas just as much as the kids do. Most importantly it is so awesome to see the kids growing in Faith.



  • Church news: Because of difficult circumstances among the leadership of the church, for the past month we have been placed in charge of the Refugio Community Church here in Banos del Inca. I am now preaching every Sunday.  Natalia continues to be in charge of the women’s ministry and helping in the worship.


  • Mission teams:

We had a youth group visit us from Baltimore. They came in May and we had the opportunity to go inside the public school to do evangelism.  We shared the gospel to over 500 children and many of the school teachers. Praise the Lord, many of the children and a few of the teachers made a decision to follow Jesus!






  • Other Announcements: We have hosted many missionaries and friends of missionaries in our home over the past couple Months. I don’t even know when was the last time we were only the 4 of us, lol.  We had a baptism and a baby dedication! This was our first!
  • Family news: Natalia continues dealing with her medical problems, but she is doing a good job of eating healthy, in fact all of us at the house are eating super healthy now! Emily continues growing into a beautiful little girl! She is so sweet and well mannered! Alejandro loves having people coming over to the house all the time! He is so friendly! John is being challenged to study more and more the word of God and keeps taking care of our different ministries along with the preaching on Sundays.


  • Prayer Requests:
1. Health for the four of us.
2. Spiritual protection in all the areas of our family.
3.Wisdom in leading the Church according to God’s will and being able to deal with problems that may arise within the church.
4.Spiritual growth for the four of us and also for the Church.
5. Peace and unity between brothers and sisters in Christ here in the area of Cajamarca.
6.Be able to show God’s love and being a good testimony for the city we live in.
7.The mission team that will be working with us from July 27th-August 8th.
8. For the kids that will be involved in our VBS, Sports camp and English Camp programs during the week that our mission team is here from Purpose Church Pomona:)