Growing in God’s Word – Pastor 11 Update June 2023

Dear Pastors, Partners, and Leaders

Greetings to all of you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ! I thank God the Father Lord Jesus Christ that until now God has kept me safe and that He is using me in my state. Even though people are being persecuted all over our country, there is very little persecution in my state. In our place, only the people of the village and neighborhood persecute us. We do not have any kind of problem with the law or political leader. This is all an answer to your prayers. Because of your prayers, people are having a deeper understanding of God’s Word and have surrendered everything to God. By the grace of God many villages have church fellowships and Bible studies.

God has given an American a unique heart for my city!

Today, I am going to share the testimony of a man who left his country and came to my district for the sake of the Gospel of the Lord and to serve God. The man’s name is S*. He is from a country in Central America. Nowadays, the pastor lives in our city with his wife on a tourist visa. They are teaching people how to spread the Gospel. They try their best to teach in our language. He runs a home church in a village, and travels with his wife on a motor bike. Despite the unbearable heat, he does not hesitate to do the work of the Lord. His wife is always suffering from some or the other disease like a stomach ache, fever etc., yet both of them are engaged in the work of the Lord. I met him at a local pastors’ meeting and invited him to my wedding. He came to my wedding even though it was summer and prayed for our marriage to be blessed. 

A man suffering from strange disease from birth dedicated his life to the Lord! 

I thank God that God provided Audio Bibles which I was able to give to many people who needed them and to whom I was led to let them listen to the Word of the Lord. I want to share the testimony of one more of the today. His name is S*. I have sent newsletters and prayer requests about him many times. He has been coming to our church for about 12 years. He is suffering from a very strange disease. His hands and feet start bursting on their own and blood starts coming out. His nails also become very big and hurts when bitten. I tried many places to get him treatment and took him to many hospitals so that he could be cured but he could not recover as much as he should have. He recovered a little with treatment at a hospital. The treatment was very expensive, so I helped him financially get some more treatment. Because of this disease, many people hated him. They were afraid to even talk to him lest this disease would spread to them as well. The poor thing tried to commit suicide several times. But I thank God that He gave me the opportunity to understand through the Word of God that He loves him very much. Last week, I gave him an audio Bible because he does not know how to read or write. He has never went to school. Ever since I gave him an Audio Bible, he always carries it with him day and night and listens to the Word of God.

Our day of fasting prayer ended after dinner!

I thank God that by faith my church is getting stronger day-by-day in faith and in God’s Word. Because of the name of the Lord, they are persecuted day by day, yet their faith does not break and they are getting absorbed in the Lord. We planned for many days for fasting prayer. So our whole church family organized a fasting prayer meeting on June 2nd. 30 to 35 people came. We all together prayed for the whole world from morning till evening. We offered prayers for the missionaries who are imprisoned and suffering for the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, for the believers to be steadfast in their faith and to be wise in the Word of God, for the church to be strong in persecution, and that the Good News can reach every corner of the earth etc. 

From morning to evening we prayed in many ways. We prayed all together, and also prayed in small groups. Having fellowship with God and with people was a reason for us to be very excited. We arranged dinner for them before they went home in the evening. I thank God that everything went well.

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray that God meets each and every need of ours.
  • Please pray for our church. The heat is so fierce that we often have to finish our services early.
  • Please pray that God enables me to safely take my wife on a journey to visit her mother’s side of the family this month..
  • Please pray for rain here. Due to the lack of rain, all the rivers and streams have dried up, so I am not able to baptize the new believers. The baptism tank which we had built in the church is broken.
  • Please pray for S*. May God heal him from whatever strange disease he is suffering from.

Thanks for your love, prayer support, and  partnership in the Gospel.

God bless you all,

Pastor 11

*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.