God’s Word Is Working Mightily – Pastor 12 Update October 2023

I greet you in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ! I hope you are well! By the grace of the God, my health is good now. Last month, I had dengue fever, and I was very ill. Now I am feeling better, thanks to your prayers.

God has used me to preach the Gospel in various places since I wrote last.

Church Ministry

During the last two or three months, many new families have accepted the Lord Jesus as their Savior! They keep coming to church. It is very difficult for them to come church because of their relatives and the pressure of the Hindu community. Some of them have a very difficult time; we are not even able to go and pray in their homes, but the Lord is helping them to grow in His love. He is slowly opening doors for them.

We are still doing fellowship in the same way we previously had fellowships, in three different places. There are seven to eight families who are ready to publicly show their commitment to follow Jesus. We are waiting for the right time for us to be able to hold that service.

We have also been conducting an online Bible study for a long time, in which about fifteen people participate. They are preparing for the ministry of the Gospel. By the grace of God, these people are growing in the Word of God. Keep remembering them in your prayers.

Outreach Ministry

In our state, there are more than sixteen thousand villages and thirteen districts. Until now, the Gospel has only reached 20% of the people. The remaining 80% are deprived of the Gospel. The Lord has given me the vision of church planting here. My heart is that the Word of God will reach every village and district. In these eight or nine years of ministry, we have reached more than five hundred villages in this area. The people call this area the “land of the gods”. You can imagine why we need to work hard and reach every single place. I cannot do this by myself. That is why we are training the local people, so that they can be useful vessels for sharing the Gospel.

A few months ago, we were able to go to visit my parents’ village with some of my fellow brothers. I told them to share the Gospel and pray with the people there. It was such an amazing experience! Many people were filled with God’s Word. He used them mightily. We were also able to show some of the villagers a Christian movie. The movie was in our local dialogue. The most beautiful thing was that we got to pray right in front of the Hindu temple.

Slum Children’s Ministry

We are continuing to go into some of the slums, where many children have been abandoned by our society, since they are poor and have a low standard of living. We go there with limited resources and try to educate the children. We show them a motivational video, draw with them, and have fun together. We hope to help them not feel about themselves like they are “garbage”. As God says, “you shall love your neighbors as yourself”. 

Prayer Requests:

1.     Pray for me to be used for the kingdom of God and to reach places where the Gospel of God has not reached. 

2.     Pray for the growth of the church, and that we will grow more in the Lord. Please also pray our church to be registered if it is God’s will.

3.     Please pray for our outreach ministry and for those who come with me. Please pray for our protection and safety. We cannot drive easily because of the difficult roads.

4.     Pray for our slum ministry, that the Word of God reaches the people and changes their lives.

5.     Pray for our prison ministry. There are many prisoners who are innocent but are in prison. Pray for their release. Also pray for those who have heard the Word of God. May the Lord deliver them so that they will be able to live a normal life.

Thank you so much for lifting us up in your prayers! 

Pastor 12*

*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.