God’s Timing Is Perfect

God is great! He does everything perfect in His perfect time!

A Small Bible Study That Is Now A Church!

For a long time, I have been sharing about a specific area. We were praying that God would work in this area and He did! During the past 2 months, God has done amazing things! He has turned a small Bible study into a church! 
Every week, over 18 people are gathering to worship God. I want to thank everyone that had been praying for this area. A 3rd semester student of our Calvary Chapel Bible College and his wife (who are members of our church) are now serving there. 


Prakash, Muna and Eutychus

Christmas Service
Christmas Program
We are continuing our weekly online Bible study and prayer meetings, young adult meetings, children’s church and worship services. 
New Year’s Prayer Meeting
Weekly In-Person Worship Service