God’s Strength in the Face of Opposition – Pastor 10* Update August 2023

Jai Masih ki (Praise the Lord) to all of you!

Thanks be to the Lord as He has kept us all safe until now and has blessed us all. I am so grateful to the Lord that He has provided for all of my needs and has kept my health good. How we thank Him for the church building construction that is still going on and will soon be completed! Thank you so much for continuing to pray for us!!

Praise the Lord that currently 12-13 people come to my church! Three of them are non-believers, but all of them also come to church on Sundays. I am very happy that the parents who used to forbid the youth in the village to come to church are not stopping them now! Thanks be to the Lord, He changed their hearts! So now they are all able to come to the church!!

Recently, I met a family from a village, named P*. I have asked for prayer for this family before, because they seem to be slowly coming to God. I shared the Gospel with this family. One of the family members is a person named V*. He has a wife and two small children. Every three or four days I visit them.

One time their neighbors came while I was there. They came while I was in prayer. Two more neighbors also came and were listening. The neighbors sat near us while I preached the Gospel of the Lord. Then, the neighbors started asking me, “Why do you come here? Why are you taking them away from their deities?”

I thanked Lord in my heart and told them, “I have come to tell you that people should know the truth, and know the true Lord. Those who are believing in superstition should also know the truth of the Lord and should not live their lives in darkness.”

The Lord comforted and took care of the believing family I was visiting while they were in deep sorrow. The family said to their neighbors, “Why are you saying these things?”

We talked a lot, I told them all about the Lord’s Gospel. Please pray for their neighbors to come to know the Lord. Also pray that the believing family doesn’t turn away from Jesus Christ. The neighbors told me not to come to the village again. Pray that at the right time, the Lord will give me courage so that I can go back.

Another thing happened recently, I met a brother a few weeks ago. He was wearing a cross around his neck. He came with a friend of mine, and we sat talking. There were two more people with him. While we were talking, my eyes fell on his neck, and I saw the cross.

I asked him, “Why are you wearing this around your neck?” He told me that he used to believe in Jesus Christ. He also explained that he does not agree with what the villagers believe, so he wears the cross. I thanked the Lord and preached the Gospel to him. I shared my testimony with him. There were two other people with him who were listening to everything. I said to him, “The Lord is powerful, and He will save you, but you must believe!” I told him many things. I also explained the Gospel further to him, so that the others who were there would also be able to understand. The one with the cross necklace gave me his number. I said that I would call him every other day. Now, I am encouraging him through phone call conversations to fully come back to Jesus. The other two who were with him asked many questions, and the Lord helped me to answer all of them. Thank God! He has truly made a connection with these people so they can hear the Gospel.

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for the brother who was a believer, but had quit attending fellowship with the circle of believers. Pray that he will return to the faith. Also pray for the two other people who heard the Gospel of Lord while I talked with him. May the Lord turn their hearts toward Him.
  • Pray for the family in the village that I regularly visit. Pray that they will grow in the Lord. Also pray that the neighboring family, who is opposing them and forbidding me to come, will have changed hearts.
  • Pray for me. Pray that there will not be any opposition in the places where I go to visit and meet people, so that I can preach the Gospel and people will be open to the Gospel.
  • Pray for the youth of my village to walk according to the Word of the Lord. Pray for their relatives to also come to know the Lord soon.
  • Pray for the area I live and work in. Pray for all of the leaders who belong to the Hindu political party and for those who do not want the Lord’s kingdom to spread. Pray that their hearts will be changed by the Lord.
  • Pray that the Lord will speak to those to whom I have preached the Gospel and change their hearts so that they will come to faith in Him.
  • Pray for me as I go different places to preach the Gospel. May the Lord strengthen and bless me in the ministry He has given me so that many souls can be saved.
  • Pray for my health. My health is slowly improving. May God heal me completely, so that I can do ministry well.


Praise the Lord!

Thank you!

Pastor 10*

* Names and faces have been changed omitted for security reasons.