God’s Amazing Grace – Pastor 6* Update January 2024

Hello dear family in Christ!

I praise God for His amazing grace in our lives and ministry. God has been using you all for many years as you take part in the mission work that is happening here. Your prayers and support have been a great encouragement and helped us move forward to do the work that God has appointed us to do. I can clearly see that through the Word of God, we are growing personally and also the ministry is bearing fruit. There are now new church plants in different locations. God is doing amazing things in our personal life and also in the ministry field. 

Camp for Children and Young Adults

We had great time ministering to young men and children at the camp. We all know that we are living in an evil world and are surrounded with sin. Many young men are addicted to drugs, pornography and all kinds of bad things. They are attached to this world. The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the Gospel of the glory of Christ. Only the Gospel of Christ has power to break that blindness and allow us to see the true light.

The Calvary Bible Institute students also got the opportunity to serve at the camp for children, teens and young adults. 500 people came! Many gave their lives to Jesus and surrendered their lives to Him. It is a great joy to see young men coming to Jesus. We got to share the Gospel and encourage them with the Word of God. As Jesus said, “there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents.” We are thankful for God’s great Salvation. Keep praying for these young men and children.

Food Distribution

Many different places in the Word of God speak about sharing your food with the hungry. When we do, the Bible clearly says that we do it unto the Lord.

So as a church, we stepped out with young men believers from our new church plant to serve God. We gave food to the people on the streets and shared the Gospel with them and then prayed for them. It is really amazing to see how God cares for each person on the streets. We are not the only people who do food distribution. There are many groups that help the hungry people who live on the streets. I praise God that at times He uses even unbelievers to feed homeless people. What a graceful God we serve. 

Calvary Bible Institute Outreach

We had a great time during this semester’s outreach. It is a holiday season in our state when relatives get together to celebrate festivals in their home villages and tribal areas. We prayed and moved forward to have a couple of young adult meetings in 3 different locations in our state during this season.

We went to each village and had prayer walks there. We invited the young men who we met while we were walking to the young adult meeting in their area.  It was a good time to reach young men and also to share about the Bible college. It was also a great opportunity for the students to share their testimony and the Word of God. 

Women’s Conference

(My Wife’s Women’s Ministry Update)

Hello!  Greetings to everyone. By God’s grace, He gave me the opportunity to share with you about the women’s conference which we are conducting every-other month. God is blessing us more and more by guiding us how to lead and conduct women’s ministry. This time we were really blessed to hear from sister J* at the conference. All of the women were blessed to hear her testimony and from the Word of God. All of the women attending the women’s conference are inviting their family and friends.

I am so grateful to each one of you for your love, prayers, and support for our women’s ministry. Through this fellowship, we are growing in the Word. The women are having so many changes in their lives and families. Through their prayers, their husbands are changing and coming toward Christ. We have some activities to encourage them to grow more in learning and reading the Word of God like Bible quizzes, and memory verses. We are able to share with each-other and pray for each other. We are looking forward to more growth in the women’s spiritual lives. Please continue to pray for all of the women. Most of them are single mothers. 

Weekly Bible Study on the Pastoral Epistles

Every Wednesday we have Bible study on the pastoral epistles. Right now, I am teaching from 1 Timothy. This Bible study is only for the men who were sent out to plant churches and the staff who are serving at the Calvary Chapel here in the city. We gather together to glorify God through fellowship with one another, to study God’s Word, and also to pray for each other. In Hebrews 10 we are told to consider how to stir up one another to love and good works and to not neglect to meet together. It is really helping us to understand more about serving God. We are very thankful to God for His Word. 


  1. Pray for my family to have good health.
  2. Pray for our students. They are now in their villages reaching the unreached with the Gospel. 
  3. Pray for brother C*. He is serving in M*. 6 people are attending the Sunday worship service at his new church plant.
  4. Pray for brother AV*. He is serving in B*.  Pray that the people there grow more in their understanding of the Word of God.
  5. Pray for brother A*. He is serving in M*. Pray that the people there also grow more in their understanding of God’s Word.
  6. Pray for brother P*. We are planning to pray and send him out to the place God has called him to. 
  7. Pray for N* village. We did a Gospel outreach in this village. A few people gave their lives to Jesus. We are facing a lot of persecution in this village, but we are still continuing to have Bible study there. Before we went to this village, the people had never heard about Jesus. 
  8. Pray for the men’s ministry.
  9. Pray for women’s ministry.
  10. Pray for the health of L*, S*, and La*. 

Thank you,

Pastor 6* and Family

*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.