Culiacan, Mexico, September 2022

These last weeks have been such a blessing. God has done great things and his work continues to grow in Culiacan and Mexico.

We began the month of August traveling to Rosarito to visit our sending church, Calvary Rosarito. I had the privilege of teaching at the Wednesday service, at the church planting conference, at the Sunday meeting, and sharing a bit in the church planting class on Monday.

The church planting movement continues to grow extensively in Mexico, and we are grateful to God that we are part of it with already 7 churches planted and number 8 in a couple of months, praise God.

At the church planting conference, God encouraged us to continue with this great project that is in His heart. More than 60 people traveled to Rosarito to attend this conference, which has been a great blessing year after year.

Upon returning to Culiacan, we were accompanied by Pastor Trent Douglass and the students from the SGWM School of Missions. They were a great blessing to Culiacan and the churches here. Also, we had our first mission’s conference here in Calvary Culiacan titled Mexico and Beyond. At this conference I had the privilege to teach, and to see how God spoke to many hearts calling them to missions and church planting all over the world.

On the 5th of September we started classes in our church planting school with more than double the number of students compared to last year, almost 100 students in two campuses here in Culiacan. We are very excited about what God will do in this new generation of church planters.

After almost 15 years working in a steel company, God called me to be in the ministry full time. It was a difficult step to take, but each time the call was louder and clearer. So I spoke with my boss and resigned. September 15 was my last day with this company. I know that God provides when you are in His will, and without a doubt we are in it. We will continue to preach the Word verse by verse, reaching the lost, making disciples, planting churches, and training and shepherding church planters. We thank God very much for all those who have been called or will be called to support His work in Culiacan.

Prayer Requests:

• For future church planters who have church planting projects for this year and the upcoming one.

• For the students of the church planting school, that they continue to be trained in this great work.

• For the finances for our family, now that I am in the ministry full time, may God call sponsors to support his work in Culiacan.

• For the missions conferences in Peru in November where I will have the privilege of teaching at the Calvary Bible Institute there.

• For the 7 churches of Culiacan, may they continue to grow, may God keep, bless, and protect the pastors and their families.

Thank you for being part of what God is doing here. If you receive this newsletter, it is because we consider you part of it.


Pastor Hugo, Brenda, Joy, and Judá Limón.